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265 Mount Mayte Ave.
Framingham MA 01702
United States
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We were really impressed with the work Trust Painting did for our home, specifically Tony and his crew. While we had a bit of a miscommunication in scheduling the job, the work itself and quality more than made up for it. Not only were they by far the lowest bid, Paulo Roberto de Sousa genuinely wanted to make sure we were happy with the work and went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied.
4/6/2013 1:10:07 PM Report

Paulo Roberto de Sousa was really easy to work with, and the painters were professional, courteous, and very thorough. We would recommend Trust Painting to anyone in need of a great exterior paint job at a reasonable price. The final product is worth every penny.
3/31/2013 7:47:11 AM Report

We had a two-story great room painted and our pergola retained. Clint also installed a shower fan for us. Clint's team did a great job on the painting, staining and fan installation and I felt good about working with his team. We got a good deal for the money, and feel fortunate to have found Trust Painting.
3/30/2013 7:24:36 AM Report

Great job! From the beginning estimate to the end of painting,Trust Painting did a wonderful job. I have worked with past contractors and have had some bad experiences. The painters were great, and Paulo Roberto de Sousa communicated everything they did, everyday. I would recommend Trust Painting.
3/29/2013 8:31:51 AM Report

Great job in painting the exterior of the house. Jamie was particularly patient and did excellent work in repairing the stucco finishing all around.
3/24/2013 8:36:48 AM Report

They worked very diligently to perform the stucco repair and painting that had been agreed on. I felt they went over and above in their efforts. His estimate was not the lowest I got, but he was certainly competitive with other estimates. I felt like I definitely got what I paid for. I will be contacting Trust Painting in the future when I need more painting or stucco work. I have already recommended him to several other friends here in town.
3/23/2013 4:21:50 AM Report

Trust Painting recently completed painting the interior of our home. Terrific job, quality work, neat, clean, an professional crew. The interior of our home looks great, and i would recommend and will use Trust Painting again.
3/22/2013 3:07:34 AM Report

I have a heart for photography, details, colors so you can only imagine how I must have felt in a home all painted in white and beige (well, ok, the bathroom was in green and silver). A friend recommended me Painting Painting for freshening up my place and that was one of the most fortunate recommendations ever. Great work!
3/20/2013 4:12:18 PM Report

Trust Painting was fantastic. They were efficient, polite, sociable and very professional. He offered excellent advice and very reasonable rates. I would've paid more for the excellent quality I received. I am very happy with the work. I have received many compliments from my neighbors. I recommend Trust Painting to everyone.
3/17/2013 5:36:53 AM Report

Very professional! Couldn't be happier with the services provided by Trust Painting . We live out of town but own a few rental properties . We call Trust Painting for every move out we had.
3/16/2013 7:53:44 AM Report

Best service of all Trust Painting ever been to.
3/15/2013 3:44:07 AM Report

Love these guys, great service and customer oriented!
3/13/2013 2:03:15 PM Report

Love these guys, great service and customer oriented!
3/13/2013 2:01:21 PM Report

Trust Painting was professional, clean, and efficient. They delivered exactly what they promised. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to save money and time.
3/12/2013 5:01:34 PM Report

Trust Painting will be the first I call next time I need some paint! I postponed painting my (3000sqfoot) office space because i thought it would be a pain to deal with ... but the guys at Trust Painting showed me that a project like this can be quick, organized and efficient. I don't rate many businesses online but whenever I come across one's I'd truly recommend, I don't mind taking the time to do so!
3/10/2013 11:43:48 PM Report

Just had the exterior of my home painted and am pleased with the way everything turned out. Trust Painting the crew leader is a really really hard worker. Everything went pretty much as expected. I was gone most of the time - and after a few days the house was painted. No surprises and the price quoted didn't change. Will happily refer them to others.
3/9/2013 7:17:49 AM Report

Trust Painting is the best Painter in town! So if u need a good service - just call him!
3/8/2013 4:58:27 PM Report

They did a great job!!! They painted our kitchen cabinets doors and they look great. They came to the house picked up the cabinets and got the job done very quickly. Upon returning all 20 doors were individually wrapped to make sure they did not get damaged in transport. This demonstrated the care and thoughtfulness of their work. They are easy to work with and I will use them again.
3/7/2013 4:59:02 PM Report

I have a small apartment , and needed 4 walls to be repainted. These guys came on time and did an excellent job. Very professional. The price they charged is a bargain. I would highly recommend.
3/6/2013 5:30:12 PM Report

This was top quality painting and even better customer service. All aspects of demanding job were handled with the utmost professionalism. This is a condo building with around 95 units and Trust Painters has been doing a great job painting the units that are empty and ready to rent/sale. Organized and very well managed crew.
3/1/2013 11:16:51 PM Report