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Company description

Trees add up to the beauty of your home, guard your property against danger and weather, and provide parts for building homes. However, trees also harm you and your home if they are not well maintained or removed when necessary. There are some dangers that trees pose to homeowners.

Tree roots penetrating water and sewage lines can weaken them so much that they break, causing leaks or eradicating the pipes. This is a hazardous situation in older houses with corroded pipes. As a result, it could be flooding in the worst-case scenario. This is probably just annoying in newer homes as leaks need to be fixed immediately before they worsen. If tree roots are submerged under concrete or asphalt during construction work on streets, driveways, or buildings, they can damage these structures. Trees are very good at absorbing water from the soil, and if it’s a dry season, the extra moisture will be stored in the trees’ roots, branches, and trunks.

Lack of tree removal can lead to hazardous situations. Imagine if a huge tree falls on your house! Broken power lines cause fires and sparks, rotting trees can fall over onto other objects, and spreading branches and leaves accumulate into piles that block entryways or blow around with the wind, making it hard for people to walk through them. Even worse is when the trees are located dangerously close to roads or buildings in places where they could pose a danger to pedestrians or drivers.


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