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How to download video from TikTok without watermarks

I bring to your attention another important life hack for those who are actively filming in TikTok for themselves and their clients.
A lot of ticktokers are faced with the need to download their video, shot in TickTok. This may be necessary for several reasons:

• It is necessary to send the captured video for approval to the customer
• You need to save the original for additional editing in a third-party application
• Must be published on a third-party resource
• You want to cut your ticktick movie into fragments and use it when editing other videos
• You are preparing teaching materials about TickTok
As you know, if a video was shot in TikTok, it cannot be downloaded before publication, and after publication it can be downloaded, but only with TikTok watermarks. And watermarks always look unaesthetically:

The watermark on the downloaded videos is not static - it blinks and moves to the upper left and lower right corner of the video, attracting attention to itself as much as possible
What to do to get your video without watermarks? There are three working methods, and each has its own pros and cons.
Method 1: Use Telegram Bots
In principle, there are a lot of them on the market now. Just drop off the bot link to the video in TikTok, in response, he sends the video without watermarks.
However, the bot has a minus: it only downloads published videos. And if you are a specialist who shoots videos for clients, you will need to download at the filming stage. In addition, when downloading a bot you will not get a video of the original quality. Then manual methods are suitable for you, which I will discuss below.

Method 2: Cover Screencast
When you shot a video in TickTok, at the stage of filling the text, you can edit the Cover. But few people know that along with the choice of cover you can see the finished video, and it will be without watermarks! 👍
The algorithm is simple:
1. Click on the cover (not on the inscription "Change cover", but on the cover itself). The video opens.
2. Do a screencast of this video and get the original video without watermarks.

Plus of this method: simplicity and speed.
Minus: a slight decrease in image quality.
We use this method when shooting videos for brands. Sometimes a brand wants the video to be shot in TikTok in order to use unique filters and effects. After filming, we make a screencast and send for approval a neat option that is as close as possible to the finish one.
Method 3: Download-Trim
1. You shot a video in TickTok, then publish it, but with the privacy setting “Only for me”.
2. The video is published in the “Under the Lock” section, which is not visible to other users and is immediately downloaded to your phone.
3. Open the downloaded video in any mobile video editor, and change the frame size so that the watermarks disappear from the field of view.

Publish the video “Locked Up”. It is automatically downloaded to the photo gallery of your smartphone.

A small zoom and you got rid of the annoying watermark! Renat Yanbekov
The advantage of this method: it provides an alternative to the first method and, perhaps, someone will like it more.
• Decreased video quality
• Longer process and engagement
Use it! These life hacks are sure to come in handy for active daily filming in TickTok.

Method 4: Use tiktok downloader!
As for me, the best way to get videos from TikToka is without watermarks.
Just copy the link and paste it into a special column.

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