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7 Switchbud Place, Ste. 192-253C
The Woodlands TX 77380
United States
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Company description

Looking for the best cell phone repair company in all of Texas Well you have landed in the right place because The Woodlands Cell Phone Repair is here to provide fast and efficient electronic repairs for all your mobile devices. Our cell phone repair company provides our customers with a combined 50+ year experience in repairing cell phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and video game systems. We initially started in our garage providing locals and neighbors with easy quick repairs. Once we discovered our talents we have expanded into an elite electronic repair company. Call today 281-884-3393 or visit our website at
As more and more technology is released and as more and more cell phones are created (along with laptops, gaming systems, tablets, and much more) then our job becomes more and more needed; supply and demand, right With these new creations of technology and cool little devices comes a lot of new instructions, new pieces and parts, and new materials that need replaced by a professional expert. Our team is here to provide you with the greatest experience in customer service while giving you one of the best cell phone repair or laptop repair jobs humanely possible. Our services and talents have been exercised to help Woodland Texas residents and get them back on track with their tech, their work, and their lives.
You would be surprised to see how many people are lost without their cell phones or access to work through a laptop or tablet. One little broken iPhone screen or an Android that won’t start up can knock some people into a bizarre, unknown universe where they aren’t connected to the world. Other cell phones, where they may work, are cutting up your finger tips and making everything bloody as the cracked glass slices up your skin. That is no way to enjoy your technology and access to what’s happening. Come on in to Woodlands Cell Phone Repair and let us get you back on track and back to normalcy!
We can work on, pretty much, any device that accepts electricity and power. From iPhones and Androids to Windows PC and Apple Mac repairs – we can handle it all. We can even take on your gaming system repairs so if you have the Red Light of Death on your Xbox or have an issue getting that PS3 or PS4 up and running, give us a shout and let us get your life back to black out zone of tech, alternate reality, and sucked into the sound effects of a life you can only imagine.
Our purpose in business is to get your life back to it’s original format and layout – with your phone, laptops, and all devices working as they should, performing on the highest quality, and operating at the fastest capacity. We aim to please and we understand that the customer is always right; something we believe in firmly. We want you to communicate any concerns with us so that we can see you are happy and satisfied with our work and our ethic. If you ever, EVER have an issues, question, complaint, gripe, or anything that you want to discuss with us – please, do not hesitate to call or come in and let us know. We welcome an open discussion, even if it is something we did wrong. The only way we can become better and provide increasingly better service is to hear what we’re doing wrong, where we can improve, and what you think our weaknesses were when we worked on your device. We will always smile when you are telling us the negatives about our business because it shows us that you care enough to verbalize it. These honest reviews and feedback mean a lot to us in the cell phone repair business because there is so much competition out there and we want to know what we can do to become better than the rest. Call today 281-884-3393 or visit our website at


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