The Jake Taylor Team at Pilot Mortgage, LLC

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727 W Ray Rd #B7
Gilbert 85296
United States
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Company description

"With whom would you rather trust to represent you in a mortgage transaction? A. A captive loan officer representing ‘the bank’ or B. An ethical, independent mortgage expert who represents many banks? Easy, right?
Your bottom line costs are my #1 priority. I close loans at an average of 15 days.
As an Independent Mortgage Expert in Chandler, an Independent Mortgage Expert in Queen Creek and an Independent Mortgage Expert in Gilbert I am positioned to offer you the lowest cost options on your mortgage. Let’s work together to make sure your loan closes on time, and keeping your hard earned money at work for your family.

A Few Alarming Facts About Mortgage Shoppers:
47% of mortgage applicants don’t take the time to price compare lenders.
90% of all loan officers work with a captive bank who don’t shop for their clients.
Talk about costly mistakes! Another costly mistake: paying over $600.00 in fees to your broker on the transaction.

I’m not asking you to blindly fire ‘the bank’. Rather, I’m offering you my free expert opinion in regards to what is likely to be one of the most important financial decisions you will make. As an independent mortgage expert, I’m confident the insight I can provide in reviewing your home finance needs will prove to be beneficial to your pocketbook, your kids’ education fund, your retirement fund, your upcoming vacation plans or at least a solid piece of mind knowing you considered the opinion of at least one independent mortgage expert.
Together, let’s cost compare fees before you finalize your loan. The free 15 minute consolation I am offering can potentially cost, or save, tens of thousands of dollars."


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