The Box Co-op

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938 South Andreasen Drive
Escondido 92029
United States
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Company description

The Box Co-op began as a happy accident. My name is John Green, president of the company. I was trained as a software engineer and worked many years in the defense field working on such programs as the Tomahawk cruise missile and B2-bomber ( the “flying wing”). Engineering appealed to my love of building things and sense of perfection. Although the projects I worked on were important, and to this day are a major underpinning of our country’s defense, ultimately they were unfulfilling. Because, after working for years on these projects, the systems we built had a very limited time in the sun. Like the final scene in the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where the Ark of the Covenant is crated up and put into a giant government warehouse never to be seen again, that’s where our projects ended up.


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