Sunshine River Tours

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5297 S. Cherokee Way
FL 34448

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Swim with manatees in the Crystal River, the highest concentration of manatees worldwide. Offering manatee tours, airboat rides, and scalloping.

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In regards to the disputed charge of $42.40 on my credit card statement against Sunshine River tours I have the following to offer. On this date my wife, myself and 10 year old son made reservations to go on a manatee tour with Sunshine River tours in Florida while on vacation. Our party in total consisted of 4 persons and a service dog my wife was using. My special needs daughter initially thought about going on this tour but after careful consideration she indicated she was afraid of the water and did not want to go. As such, and after speaking to the owner Captain Mike, we made it very clear that only my wife, myself and 10 year old son, along with our service animal (for which there would not be a charged) would be participating in this tour. The total for this was $127.20 (billed in advance on 12/17/2012). There were a total of 12 people on this boat, I counted very carefully. After returning home I came to find out an additional charge of $42.40 was charged against my card (2 days AFTER our trip on 12/19/2012) for a 4th person that Capt. Mike insisted we had taken on this tour. Even the person at the check in (Becky) insisted we had four people but knew we had told her our special needs daughter was afraid and would stay behind. Upon trying to resolve this as professionally as possible and explaining this (with my wife on a conference call), I was called a “despicable” person by the owner and told never to call him again. I was stunned to be treated by a business who claims to cater to tourists in this way and was further stunned to learn that the Captain of the boat insisting there were 13 people on the boat when I personally counted 12 on 3 different instance; myself, my wife, our son (3), a couple from Iowa with their teen age sons and one girlfriend (5), a couple from Paris, France (2) and a couple from Ohio (2) - sounds like 12 to me. I feel as though Sunshine River tours is trying to scam us for the additional person and I fell victim to this scam. I am appalled that a business would operate in such a manner and ask for a full refund of this additional charge of $42.40. It's not so much the additional charge that bothers me but the flagrant lies told. I even have a photo of our party of 3 taken by the boat Captain (who insists we had four people)....really?
12/27/2012 8:43:18 PM Report