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Company description

Welcome to SpaJuiceBar (SJB) we deliver hand crafted cold pressed organic juice directly to your door. We practice holistic health to include healthy eating, cleansing, exercising, meditation and rest. This is an interactive page so please do share information or feel free to ask questions about holistic living. SJB believes the fountain of youth is within the liquid nutrients we consume from raw vegetables, fruit and healing herbs. SpaJuiceBar juices are a blend of veggies, fruit had herbs. Juicing is a lifestyle, drink up and experience your


Spajuicebar creates and promotes a healthy and invigorating lifestyle. With our whole-body approach to nurturing, our juices are handcrafted organic cold-pressed vegetables, fruit and herbs, providing the body with a large dose of enzymes, minerals and nutrients.


Spajuicebar is A Way of Life...It’s All About You! Living, loving and being while on the go. You are the light. Shine your internal light to the far end of the earth so that everyone can see it!


We believe in living a balanced, healthy lifestyle by feeding our body with whole organic foods. We believe the mind, body and spirit rejuvenates when the body maintains good health. As we alkaline and cleanse the body, we empower our mind and allow our light to emanate from within. Honoring ourselves is the approach to fulfillment.

We will guide, educate, support and share the experience with you. Spajuicebar focuses on nurturing and rejuvenating the whole being for a holistic cleanse. The practice of holistic health encompasses proper whole food nutrition, exercise, relaxation and meditation. All of these components help to ensure a balanced life.

We support independent farmers within the state of Florida and work with them to select only the finest ingredients. Our juices are 100% whole food without artificial flavorings, added sugar or other products.

Our product include:

Athletic Juices for Athletes

A natural fuel for peak athletic performance and post recovery, the raw juices will provide you with the nutrients to increase, enhance and reboot your body when exercising, training or competing.

Energy Juice

SpaJuiceBar Energy juice cleanse is packed with the veggies your body needs to feel wonderful. This juice cleanse is for the juicer who wants all the organic nutrients. So indulge in all the freshness and nutrients nature has to offer in a bottle.

Wedding Juice Diet

Your wedding is a special day where the focus is on you and your partner. If you want to look great, lose weight, feel energized or just want the added Glow for your wedding day, we offer cleanse packages ranging from 5 to 30 day organic juice cleanse. Radiate as you walk down the aisle.

Family Juice Package

SpaJuiceBar's Family Juice package is for the entire family, and it is a tasty way for kids and adults to consume their vegetables. The juices are loaded with veggies and fruits to provide the nutrients and vitamins your family will love and need. Give your family a juice with their meals! We designed the juices to improve the immune system and boost wellness.

Glow Juice

Glow juice detox diet is for you, the person who wants the Glow. The cold pressed juices are packed with nutrients and enzymes to boost your immune system and energize your body. Feel the power! Juicing is a lifestyle and this package is a lifestyle worth living.

Awaken Beginners Juice

Awaken juice cleanse is the beginner's cleanse to help ease you into juicing. Nutritionally packed to awaken the senses and to keep your body wanting more, each juice is created to complement the other. The order of consumption is up to you. However, we recommend you drink Morning Boost first to help get the digestive juice churning. We also recommend that the remaining juices be consumed every two hours or less. Listen to your body, it knows best.


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