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61654 Fargo Lane
Bend OR 97708
United States
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Company description

Sage Scapes is a family owned company in Bend, Oregon serving all of Central Oregon. We pride ourselves on being the hardest working, most professional landscape and maintenance service in Central Oregon. Are you looking for a landscape or irrigation service that shows up early, works with passion and integrity Sage Scapes just might be the service for you. We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our services. Need help blowing out your sprinkler system Does your lawn need aeration? Don't want to buy a new lawn mower or just plain sick and tired of doing it yourself? Don’t worry! Sprinkler systems are complicated and expensive. Aerating is hard work- have you seen how many tiny holes it takes to aerate an entire lawn! And who wants to spend the morning on a lawn mower! Choosing Sage Scapes to meet your landscape and irrigation needs is a wise choice. You know why because while the average person looks at a sprinkler system and basically sees Chinese, we see poetry (but not Shakespeare nobody gets that stuff). The prospect of buying a tiny-hole-puncher and punching thousands of tiny holes in your lawn might sound strenuous. Here at Sage Scapes we find ourselves aerating random things in our spare time just for fun! And don't even get us started on mowing lawn. Literally, be careful what you say around us, because we'll talk lawn mowing until the lawn actually needs mowing. That's how passionate we are about what we do. Don’t believe us Think all this talk is just hyperbole to separate us from the eight-and-a-half other landscaping companies you've come in contact with? Well, maybe.. But where there's smoke there's a fire. And we genuinely do believe we're the most passionate and hardest working landscape and irrigation service in Central Oregon.


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