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If We Can't Recover Your Data... You Don't Pay!
Providing Data Recovery Services 24/7 - Saving Businesses Everyday, Nationwide.

RTS Data Recovery has provided data recovery services for thousands of consumers. We take real pride in helping you through this traumatic experience. Our data recovery service technicians will do their best to get your data back. If we can't get your data we won't charge you a penny!

In most cases (over 97% of them), using correct procedures, data can be recovered from inaccessible or defective storage device. A desperate action to remedy a data loss issue can often compound the problem, with a serious possibility of causing irreversible data loss.

All data recovery jobs are treated on an urgent basis. Data recovery in most cases takes less than 24 hours to complete. High Success Rate - We average over a 90% success rate. We restore data where other IT professionals or leading data recovery companies have failed or turned down the job.

RTS Data Recovery has over 18 years experience of recovering data from hard drives and other types of media. RTS has worked with individuals and small businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

No matter what the cause, if you can't access your files, RTS Data Recovery is here to help with our professional hard disk data recovery or RAID data recovery services.

We specialize in data recovery from a variety of media/devices regardless of the data loss scenario, we recover lost or otherwise corrupted data from all types of physical hard disk malfunction whether it's clicking, not spinning, dropped, water damage, fire damage, or just doesn't detect. We also recover missing data from hard drives that have been formatted, deleted, or simply can no longer be accessed, and quickly recover deleted files and data lost due to virus infections and hackers.

Whatever your media; Hard Drive, RAID Server, CD-Rom, Digital Camera & Flash Card, iPod, Jump Drive, Optical Disk, Iomega Zip or Jaz, and all other types of media/formats. If you have deleted files, corrupted media, RTS is the place for all your solutions.

All work is done by our expert data recovery engineers, one of whom will be assigned to work with you personally every step of the way through the data recovery process. Our fast, friendly service, strict confidentiality policies, If We Can't Recover Your Data... You Don't Pay! guarantee, and expert data recovery service have set industry standards.

Data Recovery Services Available 24/7/365

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services
RTS Data Recovery provides hard drive data recovery services for SATA, IDE, EIDE, SCSI hard disk drives. We work with all Windows operating systems. Our hard drive data recovery services including Windows, DOS, MAC, Novell, UNIX, Linux and more. All hard drive manufacturers and models.
RAID Data Recovery
RTS Data Recovery uses advanced data recovery technology and techniques to recover inaccessible data from nearly all types of RAID whether you have a Stripe Sets with parity, Volume Sets or Mirror Sets. We handle all RAID systems for all the manufacturers.
Laptop Data Recovery
Laptop hard disk drives work in the same way as Desktop hard disk drives. The only difference between the two is that parts used in laptop hard disk drives are significantly smaller in size. This size reduction of parts makes laptop drives fragile. These drives need experienced technicians in recovery situations as smaller part size makes data recovery more complex. The cost of recovery for laptop hard drives is same as desktop hard drive. RTS Data Recovery provides Laptop Data Recovery service for all laptop hard disk drives. We work with all operating systems including Windows, DOS, MAC, Novell, UNIX, and Linux.
Tape Data Recovery
RTS Data Recovery uses advanced data recovery technology and techniques to recover inaccessible data from all types of tapes. Being the most widely used storage media, tape media crash and damage is inevitable. But still prevention and proper care of tape storage media can do wonders.
Removable Media Recovery
RTS Data Recovery is one of the leading data recovery companies in the US today. RTS uses advanced data recovery technology and techniques to recover inaccessible data from nearly all types of removable media/devices. For all these media types, we can provide removable media recovery services for any cause of the crash of the device. Removable media recovery - FAQs
Linux Data Recovery
RTS Data Recovery services are able to recover data from all types of Linux systems, from the large established brands down to home made versions, from high end servers to laptops. Linux has different file systems including Reiserfs, ext2 and ext3. Specialized skills are needed for Linux data recovery. The EXT file system is very different from NTFS or FAT file systems. At RTS Data Recovery, we have trained engineers with Linux as their major expertise who know how to extract data from the various Operating Systems based on the Linux Kernel. Our engineers use a unique scanning method, which automatically recognizes lost partitions, volumes, files and folders on Linux Operating System. They also possess the expertise to provide Linux data recovery from IDE/EIDE/ATA & SCSI hard drive media.
Mac Data Recovery
Technicians at RTS Data Recovery have years for experience recovering data from Apple Macintosh (Mac) systems with the highest success rate. If your hard disk is not recognized, is making strong noises or you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned below, then call us at (877) 247-6777 for a Free Diagnosis. Whether your Mac is a PowerBook G4 running Mac OS X Panther, an iMac, Power Mac, Mac Mini, eMac, iBook, iLife or an original 8-bit microprocessor based Apple I computer, our technicians possess all the necessary skills to recover your data. So, if Mac data recovery is your concern, then call us for your free diagnosis. We will recover the data on your mac!
Emergency Data Recovery Services
Emergency Data Recovery Services are provided by RTS Data Recovery for any critical situation and immediate help for data recovery. Emergency Data Recovery Services are available 24/7! This service will eliminate the phase of initial evaluation and quote approval. Our engineers will start working on your case as soon as we get your media. Our Emergency Data Recovery engineers with full resources are going to work round the clock until they successfully complete the data recovery. In many instances, We can recover data within hours of receipt of an expedited recovery request. On an average, Emergency data recovery service offers same or next business day turn-a-round time. The recovered data will be shipped back to the client as soon as the recovery is completed. Emergency Data Recovery For hard disk drives, emergency data recovery service is available 24/7. Ship your hard drive now for free data recovery evaluation. Saving Data and Businesses Everyday, Nationwide. If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to Call Us 24/7 Toll Free at: (877) 247-6777. We will provide you with the best possible assistance. Get FREE Data Recovery Diagnosis for your hard drive now!
Member of IPDRA
International Professional Data Recovery Association
24/7 Emergency Services Available


Outstanding service, quick turnaround and best prices in town. Sent in my drive after it would not boot up. Once they receive it they call you in person, tell you what is going on and then proceed with your permission. You do have to send them a new drive so they can transfer the data to it but not a problem. Also they guarantee if they cant get at least some of your data, you don't have to pay. I got all of it back in just a few days.
6/25/2014 1:23:59 PM Report