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Company description

Rocky’s Dojo and Gym offers karate classes for kids and adults, boxing instruction, and is recognized kickboxing school. We offer martial arts classes for all skill levels, sexes, and ages. No experience is necessary. We also have a weight-room for people just into getting fit.

Rocky's Dojo is nationally recognized and is one of the Largest Karate Schools in the Midwest. Our two level facility is open 7 days a week for Isshin Ryu karate, kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts, self defense and weight training.

We feature a 3200 sq. foot main dojo upstairs and a 3,200 sq. foot basement with a full boxing facility. The professional boxing ring is surrounded by speed bags, heavy bags, and double end bags. The lower level also includes a fully equipped weight room and a locker room with showers.

Here at Rocky's we have a highly trained Instructional staff that includes:
-Grand Master Ron Troutman, 10th Degree Black Belt
-Chief Instructor Master Rocky Troutman 7th Degree Black Belt, National Karate & Kickboxing Champion.
-We have a staff of over 50 Black Belts.

Isshin Ryu Karate is one of hundreds of karate styles, but is very versatile in that we use 50 percent punches and 50 percent kicks, which allows you to deceive your attacker in a self-defense situation. We use hard, soft and circular blocks with snap punches (which is perfect for continuing into more contact fighting). Snap kicks with every part of foot (i.e. ball, heel, top & blade). Knee and elbow close in techniques are also taught. Karate is a Japanese word which means "empty hands"; (in english) which is the essence of self-defense.

It's time to answer the bell to become more fit and more confident. Rocky's Dojo and Gym in Sugar Grove is in your corner - with great boxing classes. We have boxing instruction for all ages, we offer serious boxing classes and training for the beginner, amateur and professional fighters. Rocky's Dojo and Gym offers boxing fitness classes for all skill levels. No boxing experience or training is needed. Our boxing fitness classes are small classes led by fitness pros and boxing champs. Boxing gloves and wraps are provided. Our boxing fitness classes offer a safe, motivating workout environment to help you lose weight, build core strength and improve speed and agility. Boxing burns up to 1,000 calories per hour! Fully equipped boxing and weight facility to train and utilize 7 days a week.

Rocky’s Dojo offers kickboxing classes for women, men, and youth. Our classes are co-ed and for 1-hour. We teach our students self-defense, striking with punches and kicks and multiple types of bags to teach strength and striking control. All our students build self-confidence and learn to remain calm under pressure. We train in a safe, fun, and controlled environment that is suitable for all skill levels and all ages.Learn self-defense through flexibility, coordination, conditioning, and discipline. Basic punches, blocks and kicks will be taught.

We are not a cardio-kickboxing class. You learn how to kickbox and not just punch a couple of bags. There is cardio in all aspects of classes but it’s not the main emphasis. We teach kickboxing and incorporate cardio into the workout in every class for conditioning purposes. The emphasis is on the technique used if you ever need to use this for self-defense. Since our kickboxing classes are for both beginner and advanced levels, each member can work out at their own pace.

A weight training facility is located on premises and is complete with free weights, selectorized body part machines and dumb bells up to 100 lbs. this allows you to choose from strength training, power training or even schedule personal training sessions. With availability to you 7 days a week, you can ensure total commitment to your weight training,

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Atmosphere: We are a kid friendly family-oriented martial arts school. All are welcome, whatever age or skill level.

Amenities: Rocky's Dojo has lockers & showers available.

Awards: Come on in and look around at all the trophies and awards we have won.

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I love bringing my 6 year old son to his karate lessons. My son enjoys the training he is receiving. He has improved greatly with balancing and core strength. My son has developed new skills and is training consistently to earn his yellow belt. We enjoy the karate tournaments very much; my son's favorite part of the tournaments is the sparring competition.
10/18/2021 6:52:29 PM Report