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Company description

"Most refrigerators made in the last few years are fairly easy to repair. However, this is not always the case with older refrigerators. Old units may have been built much more cheaply than newer models and may often require a professional service call (and an expensive service bill) for even minor repairs. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, though, there’s no reason why you can’t do most major repairs on your own.

Here is a list of some of the common problems associated with refrigerators:

Refrigerator won’t run: Several possible causes for this problem range from obvious mechanical failure to simple misdiagnosis by an appliance repair person unfamiliar with how these appliances operate. First, make sure that any circuit breakers or fuses associated with the refrigerator are not tripped. If they’re fine, you should check to ensure that your home’s electrical receptacle is wired correctly and grounded properly.
Belt broken: If the motor is running, but the compressor isn’t, you probably have a broken belt. Use your refrigerator troubleshooting skills to figure out which parts are moving and which aren’t. The bottom portion of the refrigerator unit contains the compressor, so if it’s not moving, then that’s where you’ll need to look for a replacement belt.
Door won’t close: If the refrigerator door does not close properly or cannot be closed at all without slamming it shut, then something may be blocking the door’s closing mechanism (often referred to as a “door check”). First, look inside the freezer compartment for anything that could interfere with the closing mechanism. For example, has ice formed within an obstruction somewhere? Then, remove it using a long-handled utensil like a plastic spatula or wooden spoon.
Many other problems affect the functionality of your refrigerator. If you want to get your unit fixed the right way, you simply need Sub Zero Repair Service in Gilbert, so call us today!"


The serviceman from this company was very polite and professional. I was very confident seeing his efficient repair to my freezer that was not working. Also, he shared tips to maintain the appliance. Keep up the good work! Highly recommended!
1/19/2022 9:08:06 PM Report

To everyone, I highly suggest this amazing company! My newly purchased wine cooler was not cooling suddenly, but thanks to your guy for fixing the issue. I'll surely suggest you guys to others!
1/18/2022 4:36:32 PM Report

This appliance repair service provider should be the first one you call when you need something to get fixed! The problem I recently had with my freezer not working was fixed thoroughly. Thank you for exceeding my expectations.
1/17/2022 3:07:08 PM Report