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Company description

Principle Roofing Pros understands Toledo. Toledo is a large city in Ohio, and as such they have a diverse amount of buildings with a diverse amount of needs. This goes for both residential and commercial buildings, where various designs and roofing systems have been used for decades. For the majority of roofing companies out there, that is a big, ugly problem that they are not willing or cannot face.

Principle Roofing Pros can face that problem though.

Our team is a handpicked group of highly skilled, highly educated individuals that not only understand their craft, but are passionate about it too. Combined, our team has well over a decade of roofing installations and roofing repair experience beneath our belts and we are ready to use that experience to help you with your property’s individualized challenges.

When we come by to fix your roof, we are not just going to leave you with a bill. We are going to sit down and have an actual one on one consultation. Before we leave, you will know exactly how much your roofing repair or installation is going to cost, the kind of supplies that will be needed, and the manpower we will use to finish the job. Along with knowing just how long the job is actually going to take, we are also going to inform you how this problem likely began so you can avoid it in the future.

When it comes to roofing, there are three main variables at play as to why a roof suddenly goes bad.

A big portion of it is just resident’s awareness. When you suspect something is wrong with the roof, act on it. It will save you potentially thousands of dollars by catching the problem quickly versus later when the problem may have spread to other portions of your Toledo property.

Obviously, the harsh Toledo Ohio winters and climate can have a major impact on your home and commercial property. This is the second, and main variable, that Principle Roofing Pros is usually working against. When we go in to fix weather and climate based damage, we make sure that the new roof you are getting is a roof that is going to last. Often our roofing customers in the greater Toledo area are overjoyed with how our roofs look like - not only are they investments that will stand the arduous test of time but they also enhance the actual appearance of the residential home or commercial property.

In addition to roofing repair and roofing installations, Principle Roofing Pros offers other services. If you are in need for gutters for instance, give us a call. Need help with your siding? Principle Roofing Pros has got you covered. Are your windows blown out, broken, or cracked? We offer window installation too!

Of course, if you are also searching for metal roofing contractors in Toledo, we assist with that as well. We are a full service roofing contractor firm that is highly organized, efficient, educated and passionately ready to serve you regardless of what roofing challenge you are currently facing. Whether it is a problem at home with a leaky roof or a full on metal roof commercial property installation, we are ready to meet that challenge and solve it for you.

Principle Roofing Pros has got you covered. To set an appointment with one of our consultants for your Toledo property, give us a call today at 419-469-5336.


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