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Philadelphia Hood Cleaning
Philadelphia Hood Cleaning keeps you cooking day in and day out, and without interrupting your services or making you lose revenue.

Grease buildup is a serious problem that if left unaddressed can have severe repercussions. Fortunately, our team of grease removal experts is here to help and will come to the rescue fast.

Whether you are a restaurant owner or manager, whether you have a restaurant, a bar, a fast-food joint or any other type of commercial cooking business, we have the right solution for your needs.

You will always operate safely with the assistance of our grease remover services. No more grease trap overflow, no more clogged drains and no more exhaust hood grease build up: we got you fully covered. We also take care of your used cooking oil and make sure your fire suppression system is ready to go when needed.

Our goal is to keep you running without any disruption. We provide support to all the commercial and industrial kitchens in and around Philadelphia. Your cooking facilities are in good hands with us. We remove a lot of stress and worry off your shoulders and let you focus on what you do best: serving great food to hungry customers.

Best Grease Trap Cleaning Service in Philadelphia, PA

Our company provides the local restaurant and foodservice businesses in the area with top-notch grease trap cleaning, pumping, and general maintenance. If you love our services and have regular needs, don’t hesitate to ask us about our maintenance contracts.

Choosing wisely your service provider is key in order to get lasting results and avoid grease trap blockages or regulatory violations. This is very serious business and you don’t want your business closed even temporarily because of grease trap related issues.

Partner with us and get access to one of the most reliable and professional grease trap cleaning service in the entire state of Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves in being grease cleaning specialists and we always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are fully satisfied.

In a few words, we offer you peace of mind and this is absolutely priceless. Running a food business is often stressful and you want to be able to focus on what really matters at all times instead of worrying about petty issues. Our company is specialized in cleaning and maintaining commercial kitchens.

Contact us for all your grease disposal and removal needs and be ready to have all your expectations exceeded. Having a fat trap is not enough, you need the team that goes with it. We work in the shadows without disrupting your business. No more headaches: your grease tank will soon be empty and we will leave your grease trap absolutely spotless.

Restaurant Grease Remover in Philadelphia Metro Area and Pennsylvania

With decades of experience under our belt and with a team of qualified grease removal technicians, we are confident that we can provide you with the highest level of service at all times, even when it’s an emergency.

Once we receive your phone call, we will dispatch one of our staff to your location as soon as possible in order to take a look and establish a diagnosis if you are not sure what the problem is. If this is a regular grease buildup issue, we will immediately proceed to remove the excess grease. Our staff members are equipped with the latest technology and the best professional grease removal equipment available on the market.

We have worked with hundreds of local food and beverage companies which is how we have accumulated so much experience. Our skilled technicians will perform their job conscientiously and will clean even hard-to-reach spots. They are veteran grease removers and know the ins and outs of this business. Every type and model of grease trap or exhaust are covered.

Grease Removal, Management, and Maintenance

It is better to avoid last minutes emergencies and the best way to do it is to sign up for a regular maintenance service where we will inspect and clean your installation on an ongoing basis.

Our trained staff performs the job in the best manner possible and in a fast, efficient way. We respect the environment and the law which means that we will not dump your waste anywhere and that we will always comply with the regulations in place. Compliance with the existing laws is a huge part of our focus since we want to make sure that your operations keep running smoothly.

You will get professional advice on how to maintain your grease trap and you can be sure that we keep complete service records so that you and us know exactly what has been done and what needs to be done. All the materials collected will be disposed of in a safe way or repurposed whenever possible.

We know very well what is expected from you when there are inspections and we guarantee you that once our cleaning team is done with removing grease and fat from your kitchen, you will pass any inspections that might come your way. You can count on us! We will never let you down and we remain flexible to work around your schedule. Just give us a call and let us do the rest.

Grease Removal Prices in Philadelphia, PA

Our prices are among the most competitive in the area. We keep our fees low enough to make our services affordable to most restaurants and cooking facilities in Philadelphia. Low pricing doesn’t mean cheap though: we will always provide you with a high level of service.

Schedule a consultation with one of our grease removal experts and discover all the wonderful things we can do for your kitchen. You will soon wonder why you didn’t find us earlier!

Get in touch today at (215) 701-1817 and book your next grease removal appointment with us. You can also send us an email or fill out the inquiry on the right-hand side of our website. Our operators are here to answer all your questions.


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