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10817 Northwest 27th Avenue
Miami FL 33167
United States
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Family Restaurant, Takeout Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Chicken Wings Restaurant, Caribbean Restaurant, American Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Hamburger Restaurant, Chicken Restaurant, Restaurants.


They were all so accommodating to help us out. They made sure that all our ordered food was up to standards and beyond. We're so complete and happy with that. I would like to recommend this place to all my colleagues.
1/27/2021 5:22:36 PM Report

Thank you so much for making my meal so special for my birthday! At this restaurant, I celebrated my birthday and I am so pleased with my decision! Their customer service is remarkable! Highly advised!
1/25/2021 3:29:55 PM Report

My mother and I were so shocked at this restaurant's customer service, because the moment we got in, they welcomed us with a huge smile on their faces. What we like about this restaurant is that it's a fantastic service and it's still inexpensive! It's highly recommended!
1/22/2021 8:06:01 PM Report

I went here for lunch with my grandparents. What a lovely place! There was a wide range of food and drink options to suit everyone. Everything was delicious, and they had loads of flavor shots to add to the hot drinks, which were a nice touch. The place is decorated nicely and the staff was very chatty and attentive. I will visit them again!
9/7/2020 5:33:22 PM Report

I was very blessed and overwhelmed that I visited here! The place was very good, beautiful, and perfect to relax, study, and chill. Besides, the waiters/waitresses that would entertain customers were very respectful, professional, and did all of their parts well. The foods and drinks that I ordered were all tasty and flavorful. I mean, I loved it so much. I'll surely come back!
9/4/2020 5:14:53 PM Report

Bravo for the excellent service that you have! I thanked all of your staves for accommodating me yesterday. I was so happy that they serve my order as fast as he could. I also observed that the place was very clean and accurate. Very good job, guys! Thank you so much for your kindness! Strongly recommended service!
9/4/2020 4:39:31 PM Report

This is a great restaurant with authentic food for a good price. I really enjoyed a variety of dishes on the menu and all was presented well. The serving is so fast so you don't have to wait for a long time. I really like the arrangement of their tables and chairs, very organized and well-planned. Kudos to the owner and the management. Highly recommended!
5/12/2020 10:07:38 AM Report

My cousin and I had a good time eating your bestseller foods a week ago. We really enjoy talking to each other while eating your delicious foods. We didn't regret our decisions to eat here. You must be known by many! We should strongly recommend you to all of our friends and colleagues! Thank you so much!
5/6/2020 11:32:32 AM Report

I would honestly give the highest rating and good positive feedback to the restaurant I've been last night. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is cozy and romantic. All of the staff know exactly what good customer service is. They knew what they are doing and do it professionally. I have nothing to complain about their overall service. Thank you very much!
5/6/2020 11:17:38 AM Report

This restaurant is the most famous and well-known restaurant in my area. Very pleasant atmosphere, old world but quiet, with a talented guitarist, good food, and attentive service. The staff is friendly and live music is entertaining and not too loud. It is my favorite whenever I visit this restaurant. I like the ambiance and the staff is really commendable with their great service.
5/6/2020 8:51:04 AM Report

We celebrated my birthday at this restaurant a week ago. We enjoyed eating those tasty Italian dishes prepared by their chef. The beef short ribs, the truffled asparagus side, and the pasta were so tasty. I like the ambiance because it was so classy. We will surely be back and try with some other dishes!
5/6/2020 6:42:48 AM Report

The food was delicious even though it’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth it with the view of the place while eating. I greatly loved the ambiance here. It was quiet, clean, and refreshing. Besides, I loved the staff so much. It was truly nice to be here at your restaurant. Honestly, it was satisfying and worth it. Good place, Good food!
4/27/2020 2:19:16 PM Report

This restaurant is really the best place for a family to get together because of its amazing foods and beverages. They have the best steaks in the area and any foods that you desired. The chefs here are really masterful because the foods really taste great. I will surely rate this restaurant a five-star for the amazing food and service that they provided. Very worth it!
4/21/2020 5:16:37 PM Report

Upon arrival the owner was very kind and welcoming. They had our takeout all wrapped up and ready to go. Parking was easy to find up front. You know this Thai restaurant is legit when they serve Naked Shrimp (raw shrimp with tons of chili and garlic on top). I found this intriguing dish in Thailand and only several restaurants in LA has it. This particular dish will leave your butthole burning but it's sooooo good it's worth the pain. Seriously, if you've never had this specialty, your taste buds are missing out. If you can't take the heat just eat it with some rice and your intestines will thank you later. I personally like their take on the Naked Shrimp as it is well balanced. They actually do it better than Thai Paradise and Thai Purple.
4/21/2020 7:43:57 AM Report

I wouldn't come out of my way to get food here but it is worth coming if you're within a 5 mile radius. Amazing Thai food is hard to come by. This place gets a solid B in my book.
4/21/2020 7:10:53 AM Report