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Company description

Many homeowners take for granted the thoroughness of a professional carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services do a more careful cleaning while being cognizant of your carpet's material. Not all detergents and cleaners are not compatible with carpet, primarily if you use fine rug in your home that can react poorly to sulfates. Pacific Carpet Care located in Northridge, CA has been the go-to carpet cleaners for the surrounding community for the past 20 years.

Pacific Carpet offers traditional dry cleaning, as well as wet carpet cleaning, including specialty hot water extraction. They are all are viable options for cleaning your carpet, while some methods being preferred for specific applications.

Wet carpet cleaning is very useful in not only removing compacted dirt, but also rejuvenating the carpet's aesthetic. By gently agitating the fibers, wet carpet cleaning can lift dirt in the carpet's underlayers. Carpets are clean, and their vibrant shades are revived. A fine rug will last for decades, but a bit of basic carpet is necessary to keep the prized floor covering looking lustrous for years to come. Regularly rotate the rug, so it does not experience excess wear on one side. Avoiding sunlight is one of the best ways of preserving the intricate colors and designs of your oriental rug. The sunlight will cause the pigments used in the carpets to fade much more quickly. When vacuuming, try not to go over the side fringes, as they can easily get caught in the vacuum's sweeper. In the event of a stain, blot out excess liquid with a cloth, and loosen the stain with a bit of club soda. The club soda is very gentle and will prevent damage to the fibers. Pacific Carpet Care in Northridge will then take over and process the carpet.


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