OrthoSnap New York. Brooklyn teeth straightening without braces.

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133 West End Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11235
United States
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Company description

You don’t need braces to have a beautiful smile. You need OrthoSnap.
OrthoSnap – today’s only alternative to traditional metal braces, providing you with unnoticeable solution throughout your treatment.
OrthoSnap – what is it?
OrthoSnap is an innovative and unique system that makes it easy for your dentist to design a treatment plan that will let you achieve desired results in record time. Transparent and removable plastic aligners will gently move your teeth into their proper position.
Uneven teeth and unattractive smile often indicate serious dental problems. Disposition of teeth can lead to problems such as tooth loss, dental decay, and gum disease. OrthoSnap is desighned for ultimate treatment flexibility while allowing you to maintain comfortable lifestyle.
Treatment Process
• Doctor will be able to make an assessment and determine individual needs, requirements, and timelines for potential OrthoSnap candidate.
• Impressions will be taken and sent to OrthoSnap Lab along with pictures and recommendations.
• OrthoSnap will create a precise model of your teeth along with series of aligners and will wend it back to a doctor.
• Aligners will be replaced consecutively in accordance with your treatment plan.
• Each aligner will progressively move teeth to desired position.
Who is a candidate for OrthoSnap
Often, behind an unattractive smile hides a dental disease. OrthoSnap fixes cosmetic problems as well as existing clinical issues such as crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite, underbite, deep bite, and open bite. These are just a fraction of problems that will cause dental decay, improper cleaning, gum disease.
OrthoSnap will correct these problems
OrthoSnap vs traditional braces?
• Does not damage enamel
• Easier to maintain daily hygiene
• Removable
• No metal brackets
• Aesthetically natural appearance


I've been with Dr. Feldbein doing my Orthosnap treatment since June of last year, and am very happy with both the process and the doctor. My teeth weren't horrible, but they were crooked and crowding enough on the top to give me what I thought were pretty pronounced 'vampire fangs'. Other people never seemed to notice, but I was always self-conscious, and very seldom smiled. I visited Dr Feldbein’s office once a month and my visits were always less than 15 minutes. Now I'm going through a final refinement period, and only have 2 sets of aligners left. Meanwhile, people keep commenting on how straight and pretty my teeth are now, and my boss just asked me the other day if I ever had braces (and was shocked when I told her that I was wearing them :-) Thanks to my Dr and orthosnap NY
8/19/2014 2:47:55 AM Report

I am nearing the end of my OrthoSnap treatment with Dr. Feldbein, and I think it's fair that I write a quick review in thanks for how thorough and wonderful she and her staff have been throughout the entire process. I was reluctant to bite the bullet and get treatment. It hasn't always been easy, but Dr. Feldbein has made things as easy for me as they could be. Pretty offices, flexible and helpful staff, quickly answered emails . . . I really appreciate how well everything has been explained to me every step of the way. And it's been virtually painless.
6/3/2014 1:38:23 AM Report

I had a great experience with the staff. They are very personable and I really got to know them from coming in every month. OrthoSnap is a great alternative to braces as people do not see them as they are clear. recommend
2/12/2014 1:59:23 AM Report

Dr Feldbein is amazing. She's makes you feel at ease & the whole experience is enjoyable. Love the entire staff, everyone is welcoming and friendly. Very happy with my Orthosnap. Highly recommend!
1/21/2014 3:59:25 AM Report