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1492 1st Ave
New York NY 10075
United States
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Company description

Living in a metropolitan area such as New York City can sometimes result in too many options for simple needs. There are a million choices for tonight’s dinner, for shopping and of course, for appliance repair. So why choose us for your refrigerator repair needs? For a few simple reasons.

When your refrigerator breaks down and you need quick, cost-effective refrigerator repair in NYC, you should know that calling us is the right decision. You can expect friendly service from the minute the phone is picked up. That service translates directly to the repair, as our technicians are always paying special attention to customer service as well as fast, efficient problem-solving. You should feel confident that you’re in good hands when your refrigerator needs attention.

When it comes to refrigerator repair in Manhattan, we’re not only fast, efficient and friendly, but we’re reliable as well. The last thing you need when your refrigerator is not working is for a repair-person to quote you a service time and then disregard it. We stand by our word. With a call to us for refrigerator repair, you are making sure that you’re getting the best service for your money, in the most timely manner possible. We understand that cold food and drink needs to stay cold and when your refrigerator breaks down, it’s an extremely time-sensitive issue. That is why we continue to be quick, friendly and reliable.

When it comes to making the decision about who to call for repairs, you should know that we want to help. We are here, waiting to help you in this stressful time. Nothing quite compares to the annoyance of having an appliance that doesn’t work properly. With our fast, friendly service and the offer of $20 off refrigerator repair, we know you’ll choose us for your refrigerator repair needs. From phone call to service call, we’ll be there for you.

Contact us at 212-960-8195 with any questions or concerns.


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