Nill Construction Inc

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118 18th Avenue Northeast
ND 58401

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We are a General Contracting Company that specializes in Commercial/Industrial and Residential Construction. We are an Authorized American Buildings Dealer.

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Associations: Chamber of Commerce, Assurances: Bonded, Assurances: Certified, Assurances: Insured, Assurances: Licensed, Assurances: Over 20 Years Experience, Assurances: Owner On-site, Assurances: Privately Owned & Operated, Concerns: Moss, Kinds: Prefab Kits, Markets Served: Industrial, Markets Served: Residential, Materials: Adobe, Materials: Aggregate, Materials: Aggregates, Materials: Alloys, Materials: Aluminum, Materials: Asphalt, Materials: Basalt, Materials: Brass, Materials: Brick, Materials: Bronze, Materials: Cast Iron, Materials: Cellophane, Materials: Cement, Materials: Ceramic, Materials: Chrome, Materials: Clay, Materials: Cobblestone, Materials: Concrete, Materials: Copper, Materials: Crushed Rock, Materials: Diamond, Materials: Drywall, Materials: Epoxy, Materials: Faux Acrylic, Materials: Fiberglass, Materials: Filling Materials, Materials: Foam, Materials: Foam Rubber, Materials: Foil, Materials: Formica, Materials: Glass, Materials: Gravel, Materials: Grout, Materials: Gunite, Materials: Gypsum, Materials: Hardwood, Materials: Iron, Materials: Lacquer, Materials: Laminate, Materials: Latex, Materials: Lime, Materials: Limestone, Materials: Linoleum, Materials: Lucite, Materials: Lumber, Materials: Marble, Materials: Melamine, Materials: Metal, Materials: Mica, Materials: Mortar, Materials: Mylar, Materials: Neoprene, Materials: Nickel, Materials: Nylon, Materials: Paper, Materials: Pewter, Materials: Plaster, Materials: Plastic, Materials: Plexiglass, Materials: Plywood, Materials: Polycarbonate, Materials: Polyethylene, Materials: Polyfoam, Materials: Porcelain, Materials: PVC, Materials: Rebar, Materials: Rip Rap, Materials: Road Base, Materials: Rubber, Materials: Sand, Materials: Scrap Metal, Materials: Sheet Metal, Materials: Shotcrete, Materials: Silicone, Materials: Slate, Materials: Stainless Steel, Materials: Steel, Materials: Stone, Materials: Stucco, Materials: Styrofoam, Materials: Tar, Materials: Tile, Materials: Tin, Materials: Uranium, Materials: Vinyl, Places: Recreation Rooms, Price Information: Commercial Accounts, Price Information: Free Consultation, Price Information: Free Estimates, Price Information: Hourly Rates, Price Information: Pay by the Job, Price Information: Service Contracts, Properties: Buildings, Properties: Motels, Properties: Offices, Reputation: References Available, Service Options: Estimates, Service Options: On-site Service, Structures: Bridges, Structures: Culverts, Structures: Dams, Structures: Docks, Structures: Drains, Structures: Footpaths, Structures: Piers, Structures: Reservoirs, Structures: Roads, Structures: Sewers, Structures: Silos, Structures: Skate Ramps, Structures: Tunnels, Structures: Underpasses, Structures: Water Tanks, Structures: Wells
Aerial Lifts, Air Compressors, Air Conditioners, Air Hoses, American Buildings Company, Anchors, Appliances, Aprons, Augers, Awnings, Backer Rods, Backhoes, Bar Joists, Bases, Bathtubs, Beams, Benchtops, Blades, Boom Trucks, Booms, Borders, Borers, Breakers, Bulldozers, Bumper Poles, Cabinets, Cables, Canopies, Carpet, Caulk, Cement Mixers, Chairs, Cherry Pickers, Chimneys, Chippers, Columns, Compactors, Compost, Construction Forms, Containers, Cooling Systems, Countertops, Crushers, CSUnitech, Curbs, Dampers, Decking, Ditch Liners, Doors, Downspouts, Draglines, Drainage Systems, Drill Presses, Drills, Drywall, Ducts, Dump Trucks, Edging, Electrical Supplies, Electrical Systems, Elevators, Excavators, Fans, Fasteners, Faucets, Feeders, Fences, Fertilizer, Fireplaces, Firestops, Fixtures, Flooring, Floors, Footings, Foundations, Furnaces, Furniture, Gangways, Garbage Disposals, Garden Supplies, Gas Lines, Generators, Glue Guns, Graders, Grinders, Gutters, Hardware Products, H-Beams, Heaters, Heating Systems, Home Theaters, ICS, I-joints, Impact Sockets, Impact Wrenches, Insulation, Interior Finishes, Irrigation Systems, Jackhammers, Ladders, Levels, Lifts, Lighting, Lights, Loaders, Manhole Boxes, Manhole Casings, Manholes, Mantels, Material Handling Equipment, Mixers, MK Diamond, Moldings, Monuments, Mosaics, Nails, Overhead Doors, Pads, Paint, Panels, Partitions, Patio Covers, Pavers, Paving Stones, Piling, Pipelines, Pipes, Pits, Platforms, Plumbing Supplies, Pneumatic Tools, Poles, Pools, Posts, Power Systems, Power Tools, Pressure Washers, Privacy Walls, Profilers, Pulverizers, Pumps, Railing, Railroad Ties, Ramps, Receptacles, Reinforcements, Retaining Walls, Road Plates, Rock, Rollers, Roofs, Sandblasters, Sanders, Saw Blades, Saws, Scaffolding, Scrapers, Sealant, Sealers, Security Systems, Septic Systems, Shafts, Shingles, Shovels, Siding, Sinks, Skirtings, Skylights, Slabs, Specifications, Stairs, Steps, Stihl, Stud Finders, Studs, Sweepers, Tables, Taps, Thresholds, Tiling, Tillers, Tiptrucks, Toilets, Topsoil, Tower Cranes, Trench Shields, Trenchers, Trenches, Trim, Trucks, Utilities, Veneer, Vents, Vises, Wall Panels, Wallpaper, Walls, Water Lines, Water Pipes, Windows
Brickworking, Customizing, Design, Masonry, Referral, Removals, Renovations, Repairs, Replacement, Sawing
Bonded, Certified, Insured, Licensed, Locally Owned, References Available
Concrete Cutting, Foundations, Scheduling, Walls
Payment Accepted
Check, Cash, Invoice, Cash, Invoice
New Construction, Remodeling, Repair
Commercial, Industrial, Residential
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