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Company description

Are you looking for a professional fencing and deck building company in the Arlington, TN area to revive the look of your backyard? Perhaps you're looking for a covered, wraparound or front porch. We can handle the job as well as custom build a portico for your home. No matter the job, you can trust that all of our building contractors are up to state standards. You'll never go back to your old deck builders once you see the quality and care we put into each individual corner, board, and brace. Our customers love our decks and porches which are custom designed to each individual's desires, vision and needs. You'll never see us building a stock deck, which means you'll never see your deck attached to your neighbors house three months after you have yours built. We take pride in originality as well as quality assurance which means all of our tools and equipment are inspected by the state of Tennessee to the highest regulations required by law.

We also handle the design and building of fencing and we can help craft that fence to look and feel like it was meant to be. No matter the predominate style of your house, we can get you on the right track. With beautiful oaks, poplars or trustworthy pine, we can stain and style your fencing to help outline your home and make your yard look beautiful. We only use the best materials for the job, making sure to hand-pick each piece for the project. Whether it's brackets or boards, screws or stain, you can rest assured knowing that our builders care about the thought and selection that goes into each piece of your Arlington, TN deck, porch or fence.

Before we start any deck building project or fence building design, we will sit down with you and pin down the exact design that you had in mind and bring it to life. We will work with you to assess the structure of your Arlington, TN home, property lines and placement of your brand new Germantown deck or fence. We even help you decide on the placement by showing you the sight lines and vantage points where you will be able to see your beautiful new deck. If you have a budget or timeline in mind, we will gladly work with you to come to an estimate for each. Most of our Germantown decking and fencing jobs are done within one to two weeks, however, depending on the job complexity and terrain difficulty, we may take slightly longer. This is something that we would also address during this meeting.

You can count on us to help you bring the vision of your home together and create a gorgeous living space and relaxation getaway for your family or guests. An Arlington deck or Arlington fence can greatly increase the quality of life you live, whether you're looking for one for practical needs or aesthetics, we can suit your needs with individually customized designs and structures.

Most of our decks or enclosed porches include a beautiful ceiling fan arrangement to tie together a lively space that the whole neighborhood will be in awe over. Fortunately for you, we can also handle the re-routing of wires and electrical conduits needed for this job. If your home has a second story above the deck, chances are you will be able to see this roof and will need to route wires alongside a wall to avoid unsightly wiring. We can handle that job too. Whether your job is big or small, we can handle it all at Arlington Fence & Deck Company.

Our top priorities lie with the satisfaction of our customers and ensuring our work is done with quality in mind. Avoiding a structural collapse or sag is crucial to the safety of our customers and something we value. You can rest assured knowing that all of our building plans go through the approval of a structural expert before we ever begin the work. Once approved, we will set out and purchase all of the required materials to make your project the best it can possibly be.

We also handle porticos, pergolas, trellises and arbors. These structures aren't as time-intensive as most decks or fences and usually cover less ground and require less material. This means that our design phase will be much shorter and depending on the complexity of the design, it should be built in under a week once construction begins. Most of these structures are scenery-focused. Trellises and arbors, for example, utilize gorgeous latticework. This provides crucial support to climbing plants and vines, and given enough time, you can even enjoy beautiful flowering vines such as passionflower, lavender or jasmine during their blooming seasons. It's easy to install a irrigation system along these structures to help mist the plants during the warmer months, and we can even design the structure to fit one initially. Just give us a call and we'll help you book an appointment to speak with our structural designer. Let us help you design the home of your dreams.

If it's a portico you're looking for, you can trust our capable builders to get the job done. A portico should be well-designed enough to cover the boundaries of your home from getting rain or other poor weather conditions inside, into the cracks and nooks that will cause rot and water damage over time, depreciating your home's value depending on how bad the damages are. Portico's not only add aesthetic value to the front of your home, keep your visitors dry while they wait at the door, but it also adds valuable years to your home's flooring and foundation.

?No matter what outdoor structure you want in your home, or if you want multiple, we can handle any job of any size. Just give us a call and let us know your vision. We'll help you make that dream into a reality. Not only will this make your home the envy of the neighborhood, but it will also improve the value of your property and the daily enjoyment of your backyard getaway.


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