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Magitek Energy Solutions gives you control of your electric bill and your carbon footprint. We use the highest quality solar panels, solar power mounting systems and mircoinverters. Our solar system installations are completed in accordance with all local, state and federal codes and regulations. We also provide high quality repairs and maintenance to keep existing solar energy systems operating at their peak performance. UL CERTIFIED!!!!! ENERGY INDEPENDENCE The cost of electricity from the utility seldom, if ever, goes down. In fact, it is on a historical upward track that takes a deeper and deeper cut out of your budget each month. Magitek solar energy systems put you on course to reverse that trend. You’ll no longer dread opening the latest electric bill when you know that your solar system has cut it down to size. CUT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT The production of the electricity you receive from the utility company comes with a residual carbon footprint. You don’t see it on the bill but you know it’s there; you know that pollutants were added to the atmosphere to create the electricity you use at home or at the office. You know that limited resources were expended to create the electricity you use each month. With your own solar electric system, you’ll reduce the amount of electricity you receive from the electric company and replace it with clean, renewable solar energy. CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY At Magitek Energy Solutions, we make a point of staying at the cutting edge of clean and renewable energy. With our highly trained solar energy technicians, we’re well placed to provide home owners with the most technically advanced and efficient solar systems. Today, that means we use solar [e] enphase, SOLARWORLD and DPW|SOLAR inverters, panels, rails and solar energy systems. QUALITY SOLAR ENERGY INSTALLATIONS When you match the highest-quality solar systems with the leading solar energy technicians, it’s not surprising that we have the reputation as the leading installer of solar energy systems in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Magitek Energy Solutions, Inc., provides: Ground Mount Solar Arrays, Pitched Composite/Shingle Roof Mount Solar Arrays, Flat Roof Mount Solar Arrays and Standing Seam Roof Mount Solar Arrays.

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