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The link cosplay online store offers you a variety of products such as link cosplay, zelda cosplay, link figure, twilight princess link cosplay and more. Here you can find high-quality gifts for your kids and family! We also offer Big Discounts and Worldwide Shipping.
Link Cosplay - Celebrate the Legend of Zelda Series
Cosplaying Link is a fun way to celebrate the Legend of Zelda series. This iconic character is instantly recognizable, and wearing his costume can help you build a sense of community with other Legend of Zelda fans.

This cosplayer perfectly recreated Link's outfit from the Breath of the Wild game. The lighting and choice of background really make her cosplay stand out.

Skyward Sword
A reimagining of the franchise, Skyward Sword was the first time Link wasn’t voiced. This made him the blankest iteration of the hero and made it harder to connect with him emotionally, despite the game being about his journey with Zelda.

It was also the first game to fully ingrain motion controls into every aspect of gameplay. From slashing at webs and vines to interacting with mechanisms in the world, everything could be accomplished by moving the controller in the air. Some adored this new method of interaction while others found it confusing and frustrating.

The best way to recreate Link’s signature look is with a green tunic and hat. You can also add a sword and shield, but be sure to check the rules at any event you’re going to for whether or not toy weapons are allowed. Also, make sure you have good posture to show off that confident hero spirit. This makes for a great cosplay that will be recognizable and be well-received.

Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features an enormous open world that encourages players to explore and experiment. Its gameplay is incredibly versatile, allowing players to craft their own weapons and armor suited to specific strategies and needs. For instance, cooking in this game is surprisingly versatile; players can cook anything from bird eggs to hard-boiled dung into meals that enhance their abilities.

The game also offers a unique and rewarding experience that few other games can offer: the ability to train horses and have them follow players around Hyrule. However, players must be careful not to disturb the horses’ natural habitat, as they will buck against being saddled and may even attack.

Dressing up as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is a fun and rewarding way to express yourself. Not only is he a recognizable character, but cosplaying him can be a great way to meet fellow fans and build a sense of community.


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