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Flexibility, cost effectiveness and transparency.
We are here to give you the best customer service and deliver the best solution. Website owners can install pre-designed themes. What’s the problem with this solution? The theme can become difficult to customise and has limited functionalities.

The solution for this common problem is to customise your theme from scratch, incorporating all required functions and then integrating it to the chosen CMS platform (eg. WordPress). Custom web design gives you the freedom to choose your own look and feel of your website. It enables you to leverage your own ideas making it into reality.

The web design and development industry is a competitive one, with most operators being a ‘one man band’. Considering the many technologies involved in customising a website it is difficult (if not impossible) for one person to cover all the required skills. That is the main issue with ‘one man band’ web developers. That is also where Light Media differentiates itself. We have a neat team with a comprehensive skills set covering data base architects, graphic designs, back end developers and system administrator. Hence, we specialise in all areas required to built a professional level website.

We at Light Media:
use best Web design practices.
apply WACG 2.0 when required.
plan the database relationship and structure to receive the appropriate load.
plan long term, so your website can be robust, stable and allow your business to grow around it.
understand your requirements in depth and consult on the best platform to achieve your goals
That is easy said then done. It boils down to the fact that as a business owner you still need to have the knowledge and skill to identify a quality web design or service provider.

To help you with this decision, check out some of the quality characteristics that you can look for a better website design company.

Characteristics of a Quality Web Design Business
Check the companies’ portfolio. Check that the work done looks good. Check that the clients are well-known brands in their own segment. Check the user experience, if it pleases you it is most likely pleasing the client too. And don’t forget to ask about the platform used.
Strong Online Presence. A company with a strong online presence is one of the best indicators that you’re not dealing with a fly by night business. Presence can be through active and well-managed social media accounts, complete profiles on directory and business listings, and active participant in community websites such as forums, and questions and answers sites. Don’t forget to check the Google reviews too.
Good communication skills. There should be no language barrier in communication. The company’s response time should be mostly immediate. Reaching-out to clients regularly can be a plus. Staff and employees can express their ideas in a clear and polite way. And, choose someone friendly !
Follows Web standards and Principles. The service provider should follow web standards and best practices in web design. These standards aim to develop a usable and user friendly web solution which enables your website to become widely accepted by most online browsers and mobile devices.
Observes Semantic Web Standards. Web design is not just about user experience and usability. A website should also be understood by search engines. Implementation of Semantic Web markup will let search engines display your website data appropriately on search results.
These enumerations are just few of the many characteristics you can look for in a quality digital agency. With these characteristics in mind, it’s time to narrow down your selection.

In Australia, Light Media is working to make a difference in the web design and development industry. We are here to understand your requirement and tailor a solution around it. Light Media is composed of highly skilled professionals who aim to deliver high level web solutions, including ecommerce, internal web applications and websites for marketing application.

So…Why Choose Light Media
Experience. Light Media has at least 10 years of experience in web design, website development, content management systems and digital marketing. Be in a company where expertise matters and you can never go wrong.
Passion. No matter what you do if you’re passionate about it then you will never be tired doing it over and over again. Light Media combines career and passion into one place showcasing highly competitive individuals on their respective professions.
Team-work. No man is an Island. Everyone in Light Media is a real team player. Each team member has this adaptability, flexibility and professionalism. The Light Media team works with coordination and puts importance on performance monitoring and feedback. As a client will become part of the team. You will be valued and treated with care and compassion.
Technology is evolving every day. What is popular now might be deprecated in the future. Light Media will always chase to become the leader in its segment by keeping updated with all new developments. In fact, the company is undeniably one of Melbourne’s top web developers, approached by clients to resolve the most complex solutions.
We offer free initial consultation and quotation. So, if you have an urgent requirement or a new project coming up, never hesitate to contact us. We are a company that makes it work.


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