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537 Cajundome Blvd Ste 111
Lafayette 70506
United States
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Company description

Lafayette Home Remodeling is a state licensed and insured Home Improvement Contractor specializing in home additions and renovations of houses on piers in the Acadiana area. We have worked on over 450 pier and beam homes in the last 9 years. That’s almost a house a week. Over that same time period we were able to inspect over 1100 pier and beam foundations. We are pier and beam foundation experts and have served the Acadiana area with confidence. You want to be on our calendar because we will tell you things that the other contractors don’t want to about your foundation. We aren’t worried about you not doing the siding job with us, but we are worried about you making it pretty before you make it solid. Foundation work isn’t fun and it ain’t pretty but without a solid foundation your home’s value dimishes tremendously. Don’t put the cart before the horse get your peir and beam foundation inspected by a pier and beam foundation expert before your next home remodeling project.

The first step in this process is to get on our calendar. Visit watch the short video, answer the questions, and schedule a 1-on-1 call that is convenient for both of us. You will have our full attention and we will see how well we communicate together. Any relationship is only as strong as the communication is as poorly communicated expectations lead to broken hearts. We have every intention of clearly communicating action plans, scopes of work, etc. with our clients in plain English. Our contracts are easy to read and protect both parties. If you want to put the cart before the horse, then we will let you, but only after informing you in writing that you have foundation issues that may need to be addressed before the project starts.

If you are looking to get some work done to your home and plan on doing a big interior or exterior renovation, then you need to get your foundation inspected. Renovations like installing new siding, replacing windows, nailing new shingles, or installing new cabinets some of the types of projects that rely on a level foundation. Make sure that the foundation is solid first before you make your home pretty.

3 things that often get overlooked before a home improvement project:

1. Block spacing and bouncy floors.
2. 18” minimum clearance at crawlspace
3. Standing water at or around your home’s foundation

To fix the issues above before your home improvement project is crucial. The money spent on the roof is necessary, but without a solid foundation your roof’s integrity may be negligent. Start off on the right footing by getting your foundation inspected and properly maintained just as you would with any of the other major house systems including your electrical wiring, the sewer and water pipes, the heating and air conditioning system, and the shell which includes siding, windows, doors, and the roof. Maintain your home’s systems and maintain your home’s appreciation in the housing market in case you ever need to sell it or tap it’s equity. Home Improvement loans are a great way to fund the maintenance of the systems that make your house a home.


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