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LA Xtreme Remodeling - Complete roof renovation

Complete roof renovation is necessary when the old, outdated covering is damaged, which poses many risks for homeowners. Unsightly roof affects the aesthetics of our home, which is another indicator it might need some work or full replacement. In some cases, a simple repair might be sufficient, but if mere touchups cannot save your roof, you should consider a complete replacement.

The roof protects the house structure against adverse weather conditions. Regular technical inspection of the entire truss and roofing is recommended to ensure your family’s safety and reduce the costs of future renovations. Roofing is performed primarily for two reasons: damage to the old structure or when converting an ordinary attic into a usable living space.

We invite you to learn the basics of roofing from our experts at LA Top Renovation. We created a comprehensive guide to help you understand the dynamics of roof rejuvenation.

When is a roof renovation necessary?

Roof repair or replacement is necessary in the event of damage to the sheathing or roof truss. Cracks or gaps in the roof decking are the leading cause of leakage in the entire structure. When this happens, the renovation should be carried out as soon as possible. If the roof sheathing is left incomplete or cracked, there is a risk that the ceilings will soak and damage the entire roof framework.

Damage to the roof truss is usually caused by moisture or an insect and fungi attack. A molded wooden truss loses its durability, and its elements begin to bend. As you can guess – the situation may cause the roof structure to collapse, resulting in preventable damages and the necessity of urgent replacement.

Roof Inspection
In order to know what specific steps should be taken in terms of roof renovation, it is worth reaching out to an expert who will assess the current condition of the covering and structural elements. A professional roof inspection will generate a plan for appropriate action. The appraiser can be an adequately trained roofer or contractor. If we feel up to it, we can make a preliminary inspection on our own. First, we should locate the places of leaks or the fragments of the covering which are most damaged, such as bent roofing shingles, broken shingles, or discoloration. An exterior inspection will determine if there is any disturbance to the gutter system. If possible, verify the roof’s condition from the inside, which will help you establish whether there are any cracked, twisted, or bent elements of the wooden roof truss, as well as sunken fragments of the covering. Remember – only a specialized roofer or contractor will determine whether the truss, despite its defects, maintains sufficient load-bearing capacity and whether it can support the new covering.

Preparation for Roof Renovation

Carrying out a proper roof inspection will allow us to better prepare for the necessary work. Regardless of whether it will be enough to replace individual parts of the roof or disassemble and install a new one, a large heavy-duty poly tarp is essential to cover the wooden roof truss and other elements of the structure. The tarp protects against adverse weather conditions.

A roof inspection will also help purchase the necessary amount of materials that we will have to use during the renovation. Keep in mind that your insulation and gutter system may also need replacement, requiring new gutters, eaves drip flashing, and gutter hooks. If we plan to insulate the attic during renovation, we will need the necessary amount of thermal insulation material.

Expert tip: Both the inspection and all renovation works should be entrusted to specialists trained in the roofing field. Remember that the truss or covering replacement is an extremely difficult task, and it determines the safety of the entire building and its residents. If you don’t have the appropriate qualification

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