Kevin's Coffee Roasters

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78 Windsor Avenue
CT 06066

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Coffee Roaster, Coffee Shop, Cafe, Restaurant, Gourmet Gifts, Gift Baskets, Coffee, Beans, Wifi, Internet Cafe

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This is the place to be if you are looking for a coffee shop and cakes! It provides free wifi and has a smoking facility (if you're a smoker) inside the venue as well. The staff/waiters are friendly and bubbly all the time. There was coffee on the spot, and the food was superb. It's a decent price and a fun environment!
1/25/2021 1:56:22 PM Report

Friendly staff! Good selection of coffee. Coffee done properly.
1/7/2021 1:00:46 PM Report

High-quality coffee is in this shop! Yesterday, I came here to order a piece of cake and a cup of mochaccino. I thanked your waitress for serving it quickly. I like the taste of your coffee because it really matched my taste. The cake was also delectable. Huge thanks for the wonderful experience! Highly recommended!
12/4/2020 6:00:37 PM Report

This coffee shop is worth visiting because of its amazing taste of coffee and impressive services. The staffs are also amazing because they managed to handle my request easily and even made me feel so comfortable. It was really the nicest place that I've been to, and I'm sure that I will be considering this coffee shop to be my number one option from now on. Thanks a lot!
10/15/2020 2:19:14 PM Report

I was on a business trip and checked online to see where to go for breakfast. This coffee shop seemed to be a good choice, and it was! Excellent breakfast, various choices, fresh ingredients, efficient service, and good coffee. The service was fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend this coffee shop!
9/8/2020 5:27:59 PM Report

For the very first time, this coffee shop got the spelling of my name right. The coffee here is so good and their chocolate cake is just the right amount of sweetness. Usually a busy place. Great for lounging and have conversations with friends. The staff also is very cool, energetic, and smiling. Highly recommended!
9/3/2020 3:24:06 PM Report

After our long drive, we drop in this coffee shop to have some coffee and rest. I love the way they arranged things, very comfy, very cold, and spacious. All of the crews there show genuine concern and care for the customers. This is a perfect place for studying working or just for chit chat. I love the place! Thank you!
9/1/2020 5:24:37 PM Report

Yesterday, my sister and I went to this coffee shop to catch up sometime, and we just love the taste of their coffee. It was freshly brewed. We also love how the barista made our coffee. Also, the place was so relaxing and quiet. We will surely recommend this coffee shop to everyone.
5/14/2020 9:15:38 AM Report

This coffee shop is the best place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. They have all the things that I needed, and I'm thankful because the staffs here are very attentive. I think this would be the best coffee shop in the area and I want you guys to try them too. Thank you so much! Keep it up, guys!
5/12/2020 10:17:55 AM Report

Indeed, the best coffee shop ever undoubtedly. It's usually not busy here and there is a good menu if you wanna stay the day and eat here too. No complaints, tasty coffee, fast service, and water for free. This cafe is extremely easy to find, the location is very accessible and has a spacious parking area in front of the store. Highly recommended!
5/12/2020 10:02:09 AM Report

I love this place. Not as crowded as another coffee shop I have been to before. This place has it all. All the crews are very accommodating, active, and entertaining. They have a strong wi-fi connection and comfy chairs and couches. The place is so spacious as well as the parking area. They are always my favorite coffee shop in town.
5/12/2020 8:09:23 AM Report

This coffee shop near me is one of the best places to get coffee. A bit pricey compared to other coffee shops but you get what you pay for. Baristas know what they're doing and they're passionate about their craft. This coffee shop also is very well-known for its hospitability. I would highly recommend this place to everyone.
5/6/2020 11:11:33 AM Report

I just want to keep coming back to this coffee shop! I like the taste of their coffee and the ambiance because it was so relaxing. It is a good place to study and chill with friends. They also have a great internet connection. I enjoyed spending my time in this wonderful coffee shop. Highly recommended!
5/6/2020 6:48:08 AM Report

The best among the rest! I thanked you for serving me with a very tasty Caffè Americano. This coffee flavor is my number one favorite, and I was so happy that you got my taste, guys. I like the place because it was so peaceful and cozy. If you care about the tasty coffee and wonderful place, I can recommend this coffee shop to you.
5/6/2020 6:38:37 AM Report

I have been in this coffee shop for a year now. I always crave their coffee. It tastes so different, in a good way by the way than the other coffee shops in the area. I used to drop by here every morning not just because of their coffee but also they had a wonderful ambiance. Their staff were very friendly and accommodating, too. Thanks!
4/30/2020 10:50:10 AM Report

The best with this coffee shop is they have books and magazines available for everyone who wants to read while having their coffee. They have accents, too, with the preparations for their food. They serve also pastries and bread. I had Croissant this morning partnered with my Latte. It was a perfect combination!
4/28/2020 11:53:46 AM Report

Wow! I was impressed with this certain shop that I went with. All of the crews were serving decently and nicely. Besides, their pastries and coffee were much appreciated because of their deliciousness. I’ll never forget that there was a pleasant day in my life wherein I encountered such nice people to serve me well. Because of their good deeds, I was pretty much willing to visit their coffee shop again and again. Thanks!
4/28/2020 8:46:09 AM Report

I had a great coffee from this coffee shop. The taste of their coffee was a bitter-sweet, which I like the most. Their barista was so neat and good looking as well. The place was so cozy and relaxing. Their pastry was delicious as well. Especially when you paired it with their freshly brewed coffee. It was such a great coffee time.
4/27/2020 1:15:20 PM Report

I thanked your bartender for preparing me a very tasty cappuccino a week ago. I also thanked your crew for serving it quickly. I like the ambiance of your coffee shop because it was so classy and elegant. I couldn't ask for more from you, guys! You deserve to be known by many! You're highly recommended!
4/23/2020 1:44:52 PM Report

It is a nice place to have a break! I came here to relax and talk to my friends yesterday. We were so happy with your service because your staves were so friendly and kind. We love your smoothies and strawberry cream puff. You deserve to be at the top list, guys! Very highly recommended to all of my friends!
4/23/2020 12:56:06 PM Report

Your coffee shop was so nice and had affordable desserts and drinks. I like the ambiance of the place because it was so relaxing, and if you have something to work on, then you can stay here to finish your work. The staves were so accommodating and courteous. You deserve to be at the top! Highly recommended!
4/23/2020 11:43:31 AM Report

Very affordable and nice coffee shop! I like their interior because it was so cozy, and it can relieve your stress. I also like their drinks and desserts because it was all tasty and mouthwatering. I didn't regret my decision to visit your shop. A great job to all of you! You must be highly recommended to everyone! Thanks!
4/23/2020 11:26:58 AM Report

I thanked your bartender for the tasty smoothies that he prepared for me. I also thanked your staves for giving me the order quickly. I was so happy with the taste of the drink because it was so delectable and satisfying. You deserve to be known by many! I should strongly recommend you to everyone! Cheers!
4/23/2020 11:15:12 AM Report

Five stars for the excellent service! I was so happy with the taste of their cappuccino and their red velvet cake. The taste was so delectable and satisfying. The service was so fast, and it made me impress with them. I couldn't ask for more from them! They are the best! Strongly recommended to everyone!
4/23/2020 11:09:30 AM Report

Simply Wonderful! The high ceiling and natural lighting made the whole shop a perfect place to be at. The ambiance is welcoming and it's a good place to hang out and chill alone or even with friends. I love their coffee and food as well. The owner and staff genuinely care for their customers. They really made me impressed all the way. Highly recommended!
4/23/2020 9:50:22 AM Report

I have been in this coffee shop several times and I can recommend them highly for working and chilling out. The staff was always friendly and helpful. They have a strong wi-fi connection which makes me stay longer. Suggestions, best spot to go is upstairs, they have a cozy and beautiful terrace. This is a perfect venue for a get-together. Highly recommended!
4/23/2020 9:34:58 AM Report

This place serves the best coffee at a very affordable price. The food is always amazing as well as the desserts. It's very comfortable and the people working here are nice. Great tasting coffee, nice ambiance, and reasonably priced menu. Definitely one of the best coffee shops in the area. I hope to be back here soon!
4/23/2020 8:53:46 AM Report

Wow! I greatly loved this shop! The coffee and the sandwich that I ordered taste delicious and flavorful. Besides, the waiter that served my order at that time was very accommodating, nice, and respectful. He entertained me much that made my morning splendid and wonderful. Also, the ambiance of this shop was a very good choice to visit. It was clean, organized, and comfortable. Thank you!
4/22/2020 12:13:35 PM Report

My first visit to Sightglass LA was a good one. The large space is absolutely beautiful and the service is exceptional. The pastries and flatbreads look amazing and the coffee is arguably the best in the area. With Tartine nearby, the Sycamore Media District is becoming a great option for breads and pastries. The cafe is soon to roll out a full kitchen with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I look forward to returning.
4/22/2020 12:04:42 PM Report

Love the coxinhas. I also enjoy the fact that they have outside seating so I can bring my little dog. Maravilha!
4/21/2020 8:36:59 AM Report

If you are in search of something refreshing with a bold tea taste then this is the place for you. The drinks take time to make since the tea is actually brewed and not pre-made. Worth the wait if you ask me.
4/21/2020 7:52:11 AM Report

This is a beautiful coffee shop/bakery. I dropped in during this whole COVID disaster so they were only taking orders at the door but it's a very nice set up. It was the end of the day so the options were limited. I had a delicious, gooey chocolate chip cookie with a slight crisp that tasted as if it was freshly made. My boyfriend got a plain bagel and asked me to try it. I bit into it with no butter, or cream cheese, untoasted and that is one of the better bagels I've ever had. And to think it's right here in L.A.! I'm a snob when it comes to bagels because I'm from the east coast. I know bagels and while this wasn't NY style, it was legit. Mind you, this was in the last hour of business. I can't wait to go back soon first thing in the morning to see what else they have to offer. I'm glad to see this in the neighborhood.
4/21/2020 6:31:03 AM Report