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Company description

KASERP is the new age CRM for construction companies. It can be called as ERP for construction companies as well. Kaserp offers featured new methods software for construction companies that help manage your customers and all activities that is relating to them. It is Construction Companies software and is already being used by over 5000 companies. KASERP offers the best price and a highly secure method. It can be customized as per user needs and it relieves you of the data management and lets you focus on getting your work done without any issues.
Our services are:
● Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
✓ Organize marketing efforts
✓ Manage the sales pipeline
✓ Calculate time spent on converting leads to closing deals
✓ Automates customer service
● Full Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
✓ Distribution process management ✓ Supply chain management
✓ Services knowledgebase
✓ Improve accuracy of financial data
✓Facilitate better project planning
We offer a lot of functions like:
1. Client Can store contacts of Customers, Contractors, its
easily accessed.
2. Meeting Schedule with Reminders.
3. Expenses Management.
4. Google Calendar Integrated.
5. Full ERP Panel.
6. Customer Panel with option to email to customers.
7. Invoice Automation.
9. Payments Automation.
10. We can even customize CRM and ERP as per customers’ need.

KASERP can be used as an important construction company tools. It is construction CRM as well as construction ERP.As they are used to increase both the overall profitability of a business, CRM is focused on the customer and ERP focuses on the business. It can also be called as software for contractors as well.
MELCRM has been advanced to satisfy the desire of current business trends. Modern vision has also been kept in mind and formed. The benefits that MELCRM offers are impalpable and plentiful quantity some are:
◇ It helps organizations retain customers.
◇ Excellent communication condition.
◇ Revive marketing, generate intelligent reports.
◇ Create opportunities...
KASERP is principally engaged in the business of providing all information that are related to technologies.
ERP authorize for the rapid sharing of standard solutions and business process outsourcing services information for the whole departments. Everyone can enter information into the ERP system, creating an effort snapshot.
Problems in any area will automatically create alerts in other
high-flown areas. This allows departments to start planning for issues before they become a problem in that department.
Any business has to have operation before it needs to worry about well organized team. And it needs to have profits before worrying about cutting costs. CRM is frequently the best bet for a business’s first investment. Producing and keeping sales is normally what makes everything else possible and that will be by helping to make the sales figures as large and big as possible, CRM can allow a business to grow to the point that ERP becomes a essentially. Our teams are committed to delivering the total support and care for mission of success. Our product is CRM as well as integrated ERP so clients will CRM and ERP at one place. We are better than other competition as we provide high level security. Our team will assign storage to clients and no one except customer can access his data. He can create 1000s of users free of cost and assign roles to them. He can manage employees as well as customers using our product, we offer free technical support for all companies.
KASERP is devoted to make sure that our services are reasonable for everyone and that no one experiences financial hardship in paying our fees. We offer the best in everything we do, our team is ready to make your business as successful as possible and to give you the best possible experience, generally our company charges a basic package fee which is very low and applicable for all people and it’s a monthly subscription.

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