Joff Paradise

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87 Valley Road
Montclair 07042
United States
Phone number:
(714) 809-8080

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I was adopted and taken to the United States of America.
The American story coming right up.

I went to school like ever normal kid does. But with me I wanted more I hated seeing my single mom struggle so I would try and help out I would build model cars and trucks and sell them and was quite good at it.

So she didn't have to support me as much but it seem like she was anyway. Went to high school in Texas.

In High school I had my own T-shirt company in the Mall worked played football and boxed golden gloves.

From there Full ride scholarship to Texas A&M to which I graduated masters in exercise physiology and kinesiology.
Owned my own clothing company and sold the swimsuit designs to Venus swimwear.

Then off to presue my dream of owning and operating my own health clubs. To witch i started my fist one and grew that business to 10 fitness centers 3 Casinos 2 restaurants, a coffee shop and a telecommunications company.

I am very efficient and running companies from start up and beyond. I have a passion for fitness natural health stem cell study and currently hold my certificate in the American Academy of antiaging. Or A4M I have been in business for over 40 years and been very successful.

My moto is the same as one of my Mentors.
"if you give enough people what they want to give you what you want"

Today I am currently in several business one to IS MY ABSOLUTE favorite: TCC &

My drive my passion my life.

"People ask me how it with one leg.

My reply.

How do you Not Do It With Two"

Not into selling anything these days.

See I've been through so many sales programs that I feel people today are in the post trust era.

No one that I can think of likes to be sold.
I creat relationships that I hope will last a life time will help others see they can be what ever they want to be.
Set your mind to it and take one thing. Extreme Action!
See the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Think work,eat sleep. Why??

To make a paycheck that doesn't even last the week the month.

No more JOB
Jump outa Bed for me no more JOB
Just Over Broke
Nope let's take action now.
So if your not ready yet.
You'll need to read the book.
Coming soon
Thank you for reading this and please come talk to me.
Let's see what's holding you back?


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