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Company description

When you're facing serious criminal charges for a felony in Houston, you need to be sure that you've retained the right lawyer that's best for you and your case. Jack B. Carroll & Associates, Criminal Defense Lawyers is led by founder Jack B. Carroll, an attorney that's Board Certified in Criminal Law per the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Since 1990, Attorney Jack B. Carroll has served as the lead chair on some of the most heinous felonies to make the news which includes the Stilleto Murder, a double intoxicated manslaughter case, and a case in which a police officer was killed. Our legal team will represent defendants accused of any felony or misdemeanor criminal offense, and we're also prepared to take-on the federal government as we are federal criminal defense attorneys as well.

Whether you live in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Harris County, or anywhere else in Greater Houston, we'll represent you. When we take on a case, we know that our client's freedom is on the line which could affect their families as much as it does them. With that in mind, we leave no stone unturned as it relates to finding a sound defense strategy for our clients that are facing criminal charges. We understand how important your life is, and that people make mistakes while others were falsely charged. Even if you were caught red-handed, and know that you're guilty, we'll still fight to try to keep you out of jail, have the case dismissed on a technicality, or to make sure you get as little jail time as possible. If you need help because you're in trouble with the law, contact Jack B. Carroll & Associates, Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Jack B. Carroll & Associates is a criminal justice law firm based in Houston, TX. Led by both Houston criminal defense lawyers Jack B. Carroll & Phil Stephenson, the law firm is well known for getting serious charged dismissed and generally having success in court. Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll provides legal representation for individual charged with misdemeanor criminal offenses in addition to the more serious felony criminal charges. If you or someone you care about were arrested and charged with a serious criminal offense in Houston, they’ll need legal representation.
Houston criminal lawyer Jack B. Carroll provides legal representation for individuals charged with theft, burglary, robbery, crimes involving firearms, DWI, criminal homicide, sex crimes, and possession of child pornography, white collar crimes and felony offenses. Whether you’re facing life in prison or a state jail felony sentence of up to two years, hiring the right criminal defense attorney could very well make the difference in your case.
Phil Stephenson is the other highly capable criminal defense lawyer that makes up our legal team. He’s thorough, detail oriented, provides excellent written and verbal arguments in court, and knows what it takes to provide high quality legal defense counsel to our clients. Whether you’re charged with murder or possession of a controlled substances, he’s one of the best lawyers in Houston and will be one of the best lawyers for your case.
Providing legal representation of a person accused of a crime means that you’re the one that’s responsible for their life. Anyone working to be the best criminal defense lawyer in Houston knows this and the hard work that it takes to obtain a “not guilty” verdict or to get a charge dismissed. The legal team at Jack B. Carroll & Associates are experts at reviewing evidence, proficient at problem solving, and have a long record of winning cases in Texas courtrooms.
We Have One Goal
Our law firm in Houston, Texas has one goal, to get our clients cases dismissed or get the best possible result on all of our clients’ cases. We know that not only is the well-being of our client’s life is at stake, but also the stake of their family members, careers, finances, credit history, and more importantly freedom. If you’re ready to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston that knows what you’re up against and how to handle the criminal justice system, contact Jack B. Carroll & Associates today.
The decision on which criminal justice law firm to hire is one of the most important decisions you’ll probably make in your life. When your freedom is on the line, you’ll need a seasoned defense attorney that’s devoted to advocating your defense and dedicated to defending and protecting your rights. When you hire Jack B. Carroll & Associates, you can expect the defense lawyer to get right to work on your case. This entails investigating and interviewing witnesses, scrutinizing evidence, reviewing the police arrest records and hiring a private investigator to get an independent review of the facts of the case. Regardless of the criminal charges you’re facing in Harris County, TX (we also provide legal representation in the surrounding counties), you can rely on Jack B. Carroll & Phil Stephenson to immediately start the process of reviewing every single detail involving with your case.
Our philosophy when defending our clients is simple; leave no stone unturned, prepare for the worst but work for and expect the best possible outcome. With other 30 years of experience defending Houstonians and other Texans charged with various crimes, you can expect our legal team to know which defense strategy to deploy and when to take a case to trial.
• Board Certified® by Texas Board of Legal Specialization – Criminal Law
• South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX
• Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association
• National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
• Texas State Bar Association
• State Bar of Texas
Federal Courts of Admittance
• Southern District of Texas. Houston.
• Eastern District New York, Brooklyn. Pro hoc vice
• Southern District of New York, New York. Pro hoc vice
• District of New Jersey, Newark. Pro hoc vice
• Middle District of Tennessee, Nashville. Pro hoc vice
• Northern District of Alabama, Birmingham. Pro hoc vice
• Western District of Texas, Waco. Pro hoc vice
Areas of Practice
• Narcotics & Controlled Substances Possession
• State & Federal Drug Crimes
• Driving While Intoxicated, DWI, and DUI
• Domestic Violence & Family Assault Cases
• Criminal Homicide including Murder, Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, and Capital Murder
• Firearm & Weapon Offenses
• Violent Crimes, Assault, Aggravated Assault
• Theft, Burglary, Shoplifting, Robbery, Aggravated Robbery, White Collar Crimes, Embezzlement
• Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault, Possession of Child Pornography, Prostitution Offenses
• All Felony & Misdemeanor Offenses
Houston Area Legal Jurisdictions of Practice
• Austin County, TX
• Harris County, TX
• Fort Bend County, TX
• Galveston County, TX
• Brazoria County, TX
• Liberty County, TX
• San Jacinto County, TX
• Chambers County, TX
• Montgomery County, TX
• Waller County, TX
Social Profiles
• Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/houstondefenselawyer/
• Twitter - https://twitter.com/jackbcarroll
• YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/defenselawyerhouston
• Linked In - https://www.linkedin.com/company/houston-criminal-defense
• TBLS - https://www.tbls.org/profile/3888150
• Justia - https://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/john-brice-carroll-223986
• Texas Bar - https://jackbcarroll.com/bar
• HG.Org - https://www.hg.org/attorney/jack-b-carroll-and-associates/128843


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