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Welcome to Helpful for Homes, the premier source on the web for information, tips, and reviews on all things needed to make a home run smoothly and beautifully!

Some years ago, a few friends were enjoying dinner together at someone’s home when the hosts shared that their dishwasher had recently stopped working and they were unsure which brand to buy.

The group began discussing the merits of different brands of dishwashers, with each person sharing their own experiences. The conversation naturally progressed to how difficult it is to find high-quality unbiased reviews and information on the internet.

The idea for Helpful for Homes was born.

Here at Helpful for Homes, we have a specific mission: provide authoritative information about how to run a home. Then, convey that information in a way that’s easily digestible.

We cover a dizzying array of topics, going deeply into your home to cover topics like insulation and HVAC, then pivoting to cover fun stuff like decorating ideas.

A home is a complex ecosystem. The complexity begins before you even buy the home. Honestly, it begins when you first begin shopping for homes. Considerations like home warranties, inspection reports, and homeowners insurance become suddenly important.

Once all of the important and practical stuff is taken care of, you have to dig into other layers. You suddenly need to become well-versed in different types of flooring and insulation. Then, you have to become an overnight expert on taking care of hardwood floors, for example or learn the best vacuum cleaners for different types of carpet.

Oh, and exactly what kind of power washer do you need to wash those tall windows?

Homeownership is complicated.

After all of the other stuff is taken care of, you’re able to focus on the fun stuff: decorating. But that becomes complicated, too. Who knew there were so many different kinds of paint?

That’s where Helpful for Homes comes in. We want to be your go-to source on the web for everything you need to know about running a home, from A to Z.

We love hearing from our readers. If you have any questions or content recommendations, please drop a comment on one of our articles or send a private message to the team.


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