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930 East Washington Street
Indianapolis 46202
United States
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Company description

Heaven 4ur Pet Indiana is located in Indianapolis, IN and offers vet services to the following areas: Indianapolis, IN; Shelbyville, IN; Marion County; Shelby County; Hamilton County. We are a full veterinarian clinic that offers Pets Diagnosis, Pets Vaccines, Pets Treatment (infections or illnesses), Wound Management, Fractures Treatment, Veterinary Surgery, and Behavior Therapy. We take great pride in our services and it shows how much we care. Your pet is a family member and should be treated as such. We love pets and want them to live long and healthy lives. Our veterinarian care assists with injuries as well as maintenance. Many times we need to have some basic tests run on our pets to ensure they are getting the nutrients that they need. We also check for infections within the pets in this manner.
Your pet's health is important to us. That is why we offer pet check-ups to ensure your pet is doing okay. We will look at your pet's hearing, their eyesight, and check their bellies. We may ask you to bring a urine sample that allows us to run other testing as well. Pet testing is very simple and doesn't hurt the pet; however, they may not like it. We understand that a vets' office wouldn't be your pet's first choice. Because of this, we try to do everything in a very caring and loving way. When you come to our veterinarian clinic be sure that you bring your pet in a pet carrier when possible. This will assure that your pet is well cared for and not harmed by some other pet that may be visiting us this day.
Do not assume that everyone's pet is friendly. Some pets are scared, hurt or injured so keep your distance to ensure everyone remains safe. We love all pets big and small and see a wide variety of different animals in our Indianapolis vet clinic. We are happy to explain what it is that we are going to do and why we are testing for certain things. Our services also include vet spaying and neutering when needed. This helps keep the pet population down and is important for everyone. If you have a pet that has not been fixed, you should make an appointment right away to do so.
If your pet has unusual fears or is very fearful of fireworks, we have medications for that. Pet medications are similar to human medications and are available for all kinds of different reasons. Discuss with your vet should you have some unusual behavior from your pet. Often times they can offer up some suggestions that may be the cause or can looking into their health further to come up with a reason. As our pets age, they will often have eyesight and hearing issues. These are common in older pets and we like to monitor that to ensure the pet is still living its best life. As long as the pet isn't in any pain, basic aging signs are okay and can be, at times, managed with pet medications.

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