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Hi, my name is Michael. When I started playing the guitar it was the greatest day of my life. But shortly after that I ran into frustration. And if I had known any better I would have sought help. But I was young , semi-dumb, and arrogant. Nonetheless I persevered. Did I get better on my own? Sure. Could I have gotten better much faster? Absolutely. All I needed was a little guidance. I didn’t have to do it all alone. I could have saved hundreds of hours of playing time and I could have enjoyed the process more. Are you like me? Well, you don’t have to be! You can start learning and skyrocket your progress immediately. When I took my first lesson my skills shot through the roof… because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. As soon as I had access to new material to work on my skills had nowhere to go but up. My skills became kills. I was now able to kill it on the guitar. I became a Killer.

Here at my home in Miami, Fl I learned to play the guitar on my own and also learned to write songs. But they could have been better. And I could have written better music at a much faster, more prolific rate. Im pretty prolific these days but that didn’t come without hard work and expert knowledge I got from my teachers.

See, I hit a plateau with my writing and stayed there for years because I became uninspired. I looked everywhere for inspiration and finally found it but I could have had it handed to me by my teacher. If you’re like I was and you’re interested in taking your guitar playing to the next level then get started today. I say today… because really… there is no tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes and both you and I know that. If professional athletes have several coaches wouldn’t it be beneficial to have at least one as a musician. I think so and I think you do too… Contact me today. You won’t be disappointed. A Guitar Instructor in South Florida. (Miami to be exact). I teach locally and online. I’ve been a Miami Guitar Teacher for 8 Years.

Every student that has come through here has left an experienced player with more skills. That can be you too.


Ive been studying the guitar for 17 years now and the last 7 I have taken very seriously. My teachers have been Tom Hess, Eric Benaim and George Bellas. I also have a certificate in songwriting from Berklee Music Online. I can show you how to get started, or I can show you how to IMPROVE your guitar playing. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player I will take you to the next level. I am 100% committed to your PROGRESS.

Info on Guitar Lessons or Questions email me at I look forward to taking you to the next level. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players are all welcome. Ages 7 and up. Contact me today.

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