19 North Santa Cruz Avenue
Los Gatos
CA 95030


6am – 9pm
6am – 9pm
6am – 9pm
6am – 9pm
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7am – 8pm

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We roast our coffee in house- fresh beans for sale at very good prices. Nice cappuccino and other espresso drinks, famous Chocolate Coffee Cream, quality goodies and small meals. Relax and enjoy.

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Very strongly recommended to all my friends! Just a week ago, I went to this lovely and cozy coffee shop near my place. I love their cakes and their coffee because it matched my taste. I didn't regret the decision I made to visit this coffee shop. Until next time, man! Keep serving the best! Cheers for the success of you!
2/4/2021 2:03:44 PM Report

I've been in this coffee shop for a year already. I'm still looking for their coffee. It tastes so good, by the way, than the other coffee shops in the city. I used to drop here every morning, not just because of their coffee, but also because they had a wonderful atmosphere. Their workforce is also very helpful and welcoming. Keep up with the good job!
1/22/2021 5:16:41 PM Report

This coffee shop is one of my favorites. The staff there are amazingly kind and hospitable. It has a very calming view and great design which is great for the eyes. It's always a great time to be here. The coffee, foods, and other drinks here are very good and fairly priced. Best experience ever! Highly recommended!
1/19/2021 1:45:35 PM Report

This coffee shop is my favorite place to hang. I like the ambiance of the place. It was so cozy and warm. The staves were so approachable and accommodating. The coffee was so delicious and the pastries as well. This coffee shop is a must-visit shop in this town. I can't wait to visit this shop again.
1/11/2021 5:14:03 PM Report

It is a great example of a coffee shop! The place was clean, not crowded, and comfortable to chill and relaxed. Besides, the foods and coffee that I ordered were all delicious and OK. Even the waiter that served my order was very friendly and nice to the customers like me. Honestly, I want to visit this shop from time to time, for it was all worth it and satisfying. Great service!
1/7/2021 7:10:59 PM Report

I had been wanting to get there for breakfast while on business and was not disappointed! I loved the lavender latte and sandwich. The pastries looked amazing, but I will save for next time. It’s also situated in a gorgeous, small art district. I will definitely come back and recommend the coffee shop with my friends.
1/7/2021 5:26:45 PM Report

Perfect place for unwinding! What I like in this coffee shop is that they will allow you to do your paperwork. The place is good for those people who don't like to study at home. Their coffee was so affordable, so there's nothing to worry about. You keep it up, guys! Excellent service! Highly recommended!
12/4/2020 5:30:28 PM Report

It was truly an amazing shop, amazing food and coffee, and an incredible cause. Even if you were not in the neighborhood, it's worth going out of your way to visit here. The waiter and their waitresses would serve you according to what you wanted. Besides, the place was worth taking a picture and stay in a matter of hours. Don't miss this shop!
12/4/2020 5:03:27 PM Report

I never regretted the day that I went into this shop. The staff working was very friendly, professional, and wears a smile. Even the cappuccino and the sandwich that I ordered were all delicious and tasty. I mean, it was all worth it and at a reasonable price. Also, I wanted to come again and again because the shop was very stylish. I always take a photo when I'm around here. Overall, this coffee shop was pretty awesome. Till next time!
10/16/2020 4:44:59 PM Report

Coffee lovers should try to visit this place! Yesterday, I was so happy that I experienced having my stop in this wonderful coffee shop. I was so happy with the price and as well as the service. You keep up the excellent service, guys. Until next time! You are strongly recommended to everyone! Thanks much!
10/15/2020 2:57:55 PM Report

The smell of the coffee really brought me here in this coffee shop! They have the best place you can enjoy a cup of coffee and super amazing staff that is really polite and friendly. I really like to have my coffee here because the taste of it was so good and relaxing. Indeed, it was a trendy coffee shop that I will surely recommend to everyone! Very worth it!
10/15/2020 2:06:25 PM Report

What I like about this place is that it doesn't get that too crowded & noisy. So that means the atmosphere is a bit relaxing and you will definitely find your quiet time here! The coffee is just as great though. This coffee shop is the best one which I support and love, it is an ideal place for an after-meal (lunch or dinner) talk over coffee cakes or pastries. I really like this place so much! Must try!
10/14/2020 2:45:37 PM Report

I so love this place since I am the bookish type of a person. It's just a nice feeling that while savoring your favorite coffee flavor, you could read some of your favorite genre of the story at the same time. Plus, they do have free wifi. How does it feel then? I knew that you could feel what i feel during that day. You can stay as long as you want but don't miss to taste the different coffee flavors in a day. Highly recommended place!
10/14/2020 2:10:57 PM Report

This coffee shop was splendid. helpful, and the coffee itself was amazing! Plus, All the staff are super well trained too. I’ll be back to have some lunch. They also run amazing seminars and you can even buy their beans to take home! I recommend checking this place out if you’re a caffeine fan.
9/3/2020 12:26:56 PM Report

This coffee shop really pumped up my day because of its amazing coffee and enthusiastic barista. The service was all good, and the atmosphere was really beautiful. This coffee shop is such a nice place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee either with your loved ones or office mates.
9/2/2020 1:15:04 PM Report

This coffee shop is a very nice place to work on your creative projects. The ambiance is very mellow and the staff is all accommodating. They have it all, good coffee and cakes, fast WiFi, and such beautiful interior design. I would recommend this to students who want to find a nice place to study or professionals who want to be productive with work. I always love coming here. Thank you!
7/6/2020 11:29:48 AM Report

We had breakfast here in this coffee shop this morning. Their food was really good and tasty! The cappuccino was even better, the best coffee in the shop! Their staff was very friendly and accommodating. We had their carrot and walnut cupcake, very delicious! Worth to visit for coffee-lovers like me! :)
7/1/2020 1:49:59 PM Report

The best coffee shop in the city! I always had my morning coffee in this coffee shop located a few blocks from our office. I was so satisfied and happy every time I sip on their coffee partnered with their muffins! It was like a perfect combination. My day is incomplete without having these duo!
7/1/2020 1:21:38 PM Report

We had our meeting this morning in this coffee shop. The place was very serene, and had the best of coffee than anywhere else in the city! We had their blueberry cheesecake, and it was delicious! The employees always wear their smiles and very accommodating. Our waiter, Andrew, keeps coming back to make sure we have everything, and if we need something! Thanks, Andrew!
6/30/2020 12:00:24 PM Report

The owner was very pleasant, at the same time, the waiters and the waitress that served me when I went into their shop. They wear a smile to the customers that they entertained. Besides, the foods and the coffee that they served taste good. Even the place of the shop was truly captivating. It was clean, comfortable, and beautiful to look at. Honestly, if you visit this shop, you would not regret it, for it was wonderful and affordable. I'll be back!
6/29/2020 4:43:16 PM Report

This coffee shop is top-notch. They have a very comfortable seating arrangement inside and out. The design of the whole shop is very inviting and enticing. The service was very outstanding and the taste of the coffee was hands down the best I have ever had. Obsessed with this little coffee shop. I highly recommend them to everyone I know.
5/14/2020 5:49:27 AM Report

You'll always be free to stay here as long as you like. This place feels a little bit homier because of couches and chairs. I always love their double chocolate latte. The place is not too crowded and it's great for studying. I really love also their song choice, very young, and trend. It's nice to chill and relax here with some dessert and hot or cold coffee.
5/6/2020 6:54:00 AM Report

This coffee shop is just wonderful! The design is beautiful, and the coffee is one of the best I've ever had! The pastries always look so yummy and fresh. I was impressed with both the atmosphere and the coffee served. Also, the staff are super friendly and nice. 10/10 for customer service! I will definitely coming back soon.
4/22/2020 12:05:23 AM Report

What a nice place to relax! Your Coffee Shop was one of the best places that I want to study and focus and it was very relaxing. The place was also very quiet and pleasant. I really like to come back here again and again. Thankful to use your service for the first time! Strongly recommended Coffee Shop to everyone!
4/16/2020 9:01:32 PM Report

My close friend and I went to your coffee shop last Friday afternoon. We were very happy because your staff greeted us politely and answered our concerns if ever we will have any concerns. What a nice place to relax, guys! You expect to recommend your coffee shop to all. Thank you so much for your, kindness!
4/16/2020 8:30:15 PM Report