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Glass canopy, also referred to as glass awning, has become the latest craze in the exterior decoration market and are especially being lapped by office decorators, as they add an edgy, modern twist to the architectural design of a building. The aluminum and glass awning is generally added to the entrance of a building to provide cover from inclement weather for visitors or guests stuck outside the building. Its great efficacy lies in its being completely impervious to all kinds of weather.

Being transparent, glass and metal canopy also allows enough sunlight to light up a place, improving the overall appearance and design of your building. Allow natural light fill up the space beyond the house while ensuring that the glass canopy looks snazzy and cool at the same time. Generally transparent and clear glass is preferred; however, if you are feeling more adventurous, stained or tinted glass is the way to go.

At NYC Glass Works, our engineers have years of experience of installing glass canopies to add a sleek and modern look to the design of your building, besides helping it withstand rough weather.

The Benefits of a Residential Glass Awning Awnings are devices that are installed onto the exterior of residential and commercial buildings. They are usually placed above windows and doors to provide protection from the sun or rain. Awnings may be constructed out of many different types of materials, including wood, metal or canvas. Homeowners, who are interested in upgrading the overall look and style of their property, may decide to take the non-traditional route when choosing an awning for their home by having a glass awning installed. What is a Residential Glass Awning? All awnings provide protection from the sun and other outdoor elements. What makes glass awnings so special is that they provide a modernized look that is not typically seen on most homes. These clear, and sometimes opaque, awnings add the perfect touch to any contemporary style home.

Most glass awnings extend out from their structures and tend to have a weightless appearance, as if they are floating in mid-air. Many people prefer glass awnings over traditional-style canvas awnings because they provide the same amount of protection, without obstructing the view from above. They are available in a variety of styles and may include additional features, such as stainless steel components.


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