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The earliest in the seventies Japanese women began to use the use of gauze bandage wrapped around the waist to achieve abdomen effect. The use of good can achieve a certain abdomen effect, but the use of more trouble, tightness is not good to grasp, in Japan has long been eliminated, because of its cheap postpartum corset, there are some small and medium cities in the country there are some women in use.

Common postpartum belt:

Than the gauze bandage has made great progress, the use of more convenient, but a lot of market types, different materials, good and bad, there are chemical fiber, blended, cotton, narrow and widened. The market price of tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, conditional choice of texture better, the price is relatively high, the economic conditions of the choice of tens to hundreds of dollars. At present, some poor products, no quality competitive advantage to take low-cost competition, “a sub-price goods”, postpartum mother in the purchase of low-end products, be more careful, shop around, can not follow suit.

Selection of the class belly must pay attention to the following aspects.
1, chemical fiber class, some online photos are also very good to see, but the real use will feel uncomfortable postpartum belly belt, and some will stimulate the skin irritation, and some have some unpleasant smell, the choice should pay attention.

2, large class, and some manufacturers in order to please the consumer, the production of a relatively large belly, the whole abdomen on the middle, under the bundle up, heavily armed, online photos seem very good to see, the price is not high, in fact, This belly is very unscientific, not only after the use of inconvenience is not comfortable, but also squeeze the blood vessels and internal organs, affecting blood circulation and visceral function when buying special attention to cheap postpartum girdle.

3, cotton, cotton, belly with the use of more comfortable, no stimulation, natural moisture, much better than the chemical fiber, but the cotton inelastic, lost the effect of elastic expansion, the most ideal is the cotton Plus natural stretch rubber, both environmentally friendly and has the flexibility to help shrink the effect. There is also a human cotton, is made of artificial cotton, the choice should also pay attention.

Electric belly binding after delivery:

The use of electronic vibration method to hundreds of times per minute electronic pulse to stimulate the human abdomen, to reduce the fat abdomen slimming effect but for postpartum organ tissue is relatively weak and rapid recovery of the body mom, it is obviously not suitable.

Buy points:

1.Look at the fabric
Poor posture postpartum beam belts easily deformed, poor elasticity, the package edge pumping from the ball, and the fabric of the corset belt will be based on human body, mechanics, medicine and other principles of design, the use of imported high-elastic fabrics, of which nylon and elastic Fiber-based,
Soft, the whole piece of belly band wear on the body with the skin fit, wearing more comfortable maternity belt after delivery;

2.See Velcro
We know that postpartum belly belt is generally used Velcro, poor quality belly with ordinary cotton, poor adhesion, not durable and can not achieve the effect of the corset, good quality belly belt will generally use durable type Velcro, the adhesion will be stronger, so Xiaobian suggested that we choose a better quality Velcro, although the high cost, but the cusp effect will be better;

3.See cartilage
Posterior sibling cartilage cartilage if the design is not good, not enough tolerance is not durable, can not achieve stereotypes, the current good quality corset belly will generally use more than a cartilage design, which can better play plastic waist, care The role of the waist, but also more effective to prevent curling, play a better bearing and the role of plastic;


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