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Company description

Fishers Outdoor Landscaping is a full service landscaping company covering all aspects of your landscaping. We specialize in landscape designs and installations, natural and preformed, natural stone patios and walkways, and installation of new grass and sod.

Residential and Commercial Clients You’ll appreciate our full service maintenance to both our residential and commercial customers. These services include: lawn mowing, trimming, and edging, tree and shrub trimming and removal, lawn and garden pest control and fertilization, and mulching.

We have years of professional experience in the landscaping industry. We’ll work on your small or large projects, commercial or residential. Fishers Landscaping and Design believe that having a strong customer relationship, along with good communication, and high quality work always leads to the happiness of both the customer and Fishers Landscaping. We will not just meet your needs, but will exceed your expectations! Call us 317-288-3637

Retaining Walls
Fishers Landscaping has years of experience in the design and installation of attractive, effective retaining walls that will hold back the soil. Well-placed retaining walls can prevent the property damage and erosion that may otherwise occur due to heavy rainfall, uneven slopes and even gravity. In addition, retaining walls can add visual interest and functionality to outdoor living spaces.
Common materials used in the construction of retaining walls include wood, concrete and natural stone. The landscape design experts at Fishers Landscaping will help you decide – based on your home and existing landscape features – on the best material for your retaining wall needs.
Pathways & Entry Walkways
Pathways can be quite utilitarian, connecting one place to another with a simple walkway. But, with so many options for materials, there is no limit to the possibilities for your path – so have fun with the design! Incorporating landscape design with your pathway can create scenic places and a pleasing journey as you stroll from driveway to door, from garden to patio, or wherever your imagination may take you.

Created as a thoughtful extension of your indoor living space, your deck provides the best location for hosting family and friends. When considering the ideal deck for your home, Fishers Landscaping recommends that you consider material, design and décor.
Patios provide another way to extend your living space into the outdoors. Patios are usually paved areas of brick, stone or concrete, and they make an excellent location for entertaining or relaxing.
What’s the first step in creating the perfect patio? Design, of course! The landscape design professionals at Fishers landscaping will help you design a patio that works for your lifestyle, landscape and budget. Your selection of patio materials should also take into account the look and feel of your home, so that patio and house exist in harmony.
Special details such as pergolas, hot tubs, fire pits, fireplaces or even outdoor kitchens can add more interest and functionality to your patio. Careful selection and placements of plants, along with the addition of weatherproof furniture, will make your patio even more beautiful and inviting.
Whether you’re creating a new outdoor entertaining area, or updating an existing space, the pergola may be the perfect feature to add versatility and drama to your design. Pergolas from Fishers Landscaping offer the flexibility to protect an outdoor area from rain or the punishing rays of the sun, but can also let the sun shine through. Plant cover offers a lovely, organic way to add shade to your pergola. And, use of eye-catching materials, such as copper, gives you the option to really show off your outdoor space. The designers at Fishers Landscaping will help you determine the best pergola options for your home’s style and your unique needs.
Good, thoughtful placement of plants, shrubs and trees can turn the hard edges of any space into a naturally pleasing outdoor living area. With a little planning, Fishers Landscaping can turn your yard into an extension of your home’s interior, extending your home into the outdoors with color, scent and design.
Focal Point and Outdoor Art
Every landscape design needs a focal point – the artfully designed outdoor space that draws the visitor’s eye and attention. The focal point can also help to turn the eye away from less appealing areas that you wish to camouflage.
Plants used as a focal point should look great year-round and should exist in a natural flow with your landscape. The addition of objects, such as stone or even mundane items – a bicycle, a statue, a chair – can achieve a more whimsical focal point. But remember: when it comes to landscape design and focal points, less is definitely more. Too many focal points, or a poorly executed focal point, can make even the best landscape design appear cluttered and messy.
Fishers Landscaping will work with you to select plants and other objects to create the ideal focal point for your garden, and we’ll design a focal point display that creates balance and harmony – without creating confusion for the eye.
Outdoor Kitchens
Fishers Landscaping has seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of outdoor kitchens in our area. These out-of-doors cooking areas add interest and even value to your home while expanding the ways in which you and your family use your outdoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens can be as simple as a basic island for a grill, or as complex as a fully functioning, gourmet kitchen built from brick, stone or other long-lasting materials that will stand the test of time.
The outdoor design experts at Fishers Landscaping will work closely with you to create a kitchen that works with your home, your landscape and your budget. As with an indoor kitchen, there are many elements and functions to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen design.
Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces
Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces bring a new level of enjoyment and to your outdoor living spaces. The landscape design experts at Fishers Landscaping can create custom fire features to allow you, your family and friends to safely enjoy cool evenings around the fire.
Today’s fire pits and outdoor fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, and can range from traditional wood-burning to more modern gas or electric installations. Your fire pit or fireplace will become an important focal point of your landscape design – a cozy space for hanging out on your patio or deck, or in your yard. Let Fishers Landscaping help you explore design options to add the perfect fire pit or outdoor fireplace to your landscape design.
Water Features:
Custom fountains use stone, plants and the soothing motion of water to add year-round elegance and value to your home’s landscape. Your fountain feature should be as unique as you are, designed as the perfect complement to your home and property.
Fishers Landscape design experts will recommend top-quality materials to create your ideal fountainscape – with or without a still-water pond – and will advise you on the best way to maintain your fountain for enjoyment throughout each season.
Today’s custom ponds provide low-maintenance, energy efficient water features with stone, plants and even fish selected for the beauty they can bring to your yard. Fishers Landscaping designs our clients’ ponds to create nature’s most calming spaces, and we’ll help you learn how to care for your pond and its inhabitants for years of enjoyment.

Natural Stone
As with most of the beauty found in nature, the size and shape of natural stone can be unpredictable. Each boulder is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that commands its own final placement in your landscape design – that one location that best suits the details of the home, the landscape design and the boulder itself.
The experts at Fishers Landscaping will take all of the key factors into account when working with boulders and natural stone to complete your landscape design. The size and shape of the space, the details of your home and even the characteristics of the boulder itself are all key elements that will help us determine the ideal placement of natural stone in your landscape.


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