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Company description

"There are many ways to go about etching glass to make it more decorative, but one of the most common is through the use of acid. A strong acid is applied onto the surface of the desire pane, the acid slowly corrodes the glassy surface and causes a frostier look to appear in its place, creating a white pattern against the clear glass or mirror surface. Acid etching has been using for centuries as a way of creating patterns, originally as a way of artistically transforming different kinds of metal in a method called intaglio. Good customer service is always sure from BKNY Glass and you can buy it from us here in New York. This is a very good option and you get good price so you will not need to regret for anything else.
Patterns on glass can be small and intricate or expansive. Acid etching works on both plain glass or mirrors, to create all different kinds of desired patterns. Acid etching is an incredibly old but versatile art form with a large variability when applied to glass to create all kinds of beautiful and individual statement pieces. Since there is so much of choice nothing better is needed.

Without knowing your product, you won't realise the quality of it Performing abilities From time to time you're going to stumble upon humans that you'll never be capable of making satisfied. But that is where customer service comes into the picture. There are many people who are confused about the product and to convince them you need to give them all the details.
Situations out of your control will often creep into your routine, and you may be greeted with those ""barnacle"" customers that appear to need nothing else, however, to drag you down.

Designs can be used once on a single pane, or can be repeated to form a wall of similarly designed panes. It is the most effective way to create large scale individual designs on panes of glass as it is fast, precise and can be extremely individual. Good customer service is always sure from BKNY Glass and you can buy it from us here in New York. To provide your customers with excellent customer service you have to offer a friendly environment by treating them with a friendly attitude and trying as much as possible to the best of your ability to resolve their problem and answer their various questions efficiently."


I'm very happy with Etched Glass New York, the glass that was placed in the living room of my house in Brooklyn is beautiful, it gives you a lot of elegance. I recommend them!
11/13/2018 4:03:07 AM Report

I recommend the services of Etched Glass New York, for the great job they did in my house in Queen, the etched glass shower door that they installed in my bathroom, it was a perfect job. This company has the tools, equipment and an excellent team of workers, who will guarantee quality results.
11/11/2018 2:50:57 AM Report

My wife and I are happy with the etched glass top we bought for our dining table in Etched Glass New York, in this store there is a variety of prices and styles of etched glass for doors, tables and mirrors. Visit them in New York, I recommend them!
11/8/2018 2:05:04 AM Report

Review:Etched Glass New York. I am very satisfied with intalling work of the Glass in the bathroom shower of my residence in Brooklyn, with excelent finished and professionalism. I recomend them for theis work.
10/30/2018 5:07:52 AM Report

Excellent work that Etched Glass New York did, the etched glass door installed in the living room of our new house in Brooklyn was very well made, a work of excellent quality, in addition to having good work team, attentive and professional in their work.
10/27/2018 4:36:17 AM Report

Thanks to the Etched Glass New York specialists. The work of installing the etched glass in my apartament in Brooklyn, was beautiful, excellent finish and high quality. I recommend them for their work
10/26/2018 6:04:06 PM Report

Etched Glass New York. A group of excellent professionals very responsible. The work of installing etch glass in my apartment in Brooklyn was spectacular, with a first class finish. That's why I recommend them.
10/17/2018 11:39:00 AM Report

Excellent quality of work done by the team of professionals Etched Glass New York. In the installation activity of glasses in my apartment in Brooklyn, they were very fast and careful with the work, everything was perfect, I am very satisfied. I recommend them.
10/11/2018 10:56:04 PM Report

I congratulate Etched Glass New York for the great work they did in my residence in Long Island, the etched glass installed in the room was spectacular. My husband and I are very satisfied. Etched Glass is an excellent company that has a group of well-trained professionals, my room looks super beautiful with flower details that make me feel in touch with nature. I love!!
10/9/2018 3:42:30 AM Report

For several recommendations from friends, hire Etched Glass New York because I just bought my house here in Manhattan and wanted to do a job in my house with the bathroom. Thank you for both commitment Etched Glass New York.
9/16/2018 9:36:15 PM Report

the Glass in my cousin Rachel's shower in New York was amazing thanks to Etched Glass New York.I recommend it 100%, my cousin fell in love with her work.
9/14/2018 8:30:43 PM Report

I love the work of Etched Glass New York. They were in charge of doing magic in my house. High quality work I recommend them totally in NY.
9/12/2018 8:02:15 PM Report

The company Etched Glass New York turned out to be what I was looking for in terms of product quality.
9/8/2018 4:00:29 AM Report

Etched Glass New York. do a very professional job now my new office in Long Island is ready to inaugurate, I recommend them.
8/31/2018 6:22:02 AM Report

I called without hesitation to see how my aunt's house in Brooklyn was just great, Etched Glass New York. is the best option they gave me a good price and the work they did really fast.
8/25/2018 5:03:37 AM Report

I called Etched Glass New York. for an appointment and they were the best, the work they did in my Manhattan offices was excellent. I recommend them.
8/24/2018 7:04:57 PM Report

Etched Glass new York did a amazing job in my restaurant, the designed some tops for my wood tables and it look amazing. I will always recommend you.
8/22/2018 8:46:40 PM Report

I have a great spy mirror thanks to the great work of Etched Glass new York in my brooklyn house. they are the best in all kind of glass works.
8/22/2018 7:51:59 PM Report

I hired Etched Glass New York services to design some mirrors for my gym in Brooklyn and I don’t have but words of satisfaction and happiness. they did a great work and my gym has a great look right now thanks to them.
8/22/2018 4:49:01 PM Report

Etched Glass new York did some partitions for the office of my wife in Queens, and she is definitely satisfied with it. We hope to hire them in future.
8/22/2018 12:32:04 AM Report

The dancing school of my mom in Manhattan has a great mirror designed by Etched Glass New York. They did an excellent job there, we recommend them.
8/21/2018 7:09:31 PM Report

Very happy for the work they did at my home in Bronx. We recommend this team of professionals from Etched glass new york, they are very punctual and creative. The glass materials that were used to design the installation windors and doors are made of special glass of optimum quality, my home is pleasant thanks to its excellence.
8/20/2018 2:18:15 AM Report

My cousin in Albany recommended me Etched Glass New york . to finish the glass work in my new home, he did his spectacular work, I recommend them. They are excellent professionals.
8/18/2018 6:08:42 AM Report

I needed to renovate the restrooms in my Long Island office and call Etched Glass New York. They had already done a job in my department, it was great to see them do their job in my company, I recommend them.
8/13/2018 1:50:24 PM Report

My aunt Angelica lives near my house in Queens and recommended Etched Glass New York. To do the installation of Windows and doors of the kitchen of the house. That was a good recommendation, the work was better than I expected. I am delighted, the windows were designed with very resistant glass materials, a whole work of art thanks to professional experts. I highly recommend them are the best in New York.
8/11/2018 5:13:06 PM Report

My apartment is in Manhattan, specialists from Etched Glass New York. Quickly installed all the windows and doors of my apartment with Etched glass of very good quality. I recommend them for their excellent professional work.
8/7/2018 4:45:14 AM Report

I wanted some windows and panoramic doors with Mirror for my new apartment in Manhattan and I contacted them. Etched Glass New York. They have an architectural touch in my place. I am thankful. All that excellent service and prices of solidarity.
8/3/2018 2:01:42 AM Report

My husband was delighted with the windows with exclusive designs that I chose for my studio in Brooklyn. Etched Glass New York. They work very fast, they are quite professional and creative. I recommend them 100%.
8/2/2018 12:35:19 AM Report

Etched Glass New York did a beautiful job with the windows of my house beautiful windows are very professional, excellent attention from the start and excellent prices. I recommend them very much.
3/14/2018 7:10:30 PM Report