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No one wants to be disabled. We would all prefer to be healthy, productive and earning an income. Illness or injury can take away that choice. When poor health prevents us from working, suddenly we face both a health crisis and a financial crisis. If you have been paying premiums for long term disability insurance, you certainly expect your insurance company to do what you paid them to do - to protect you and your family in that time of crisis. This is true whether you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer or any other hard working employee. Sadly, insurance companies all too often make a bad situation worse. Every claim an insurance company pays takes a bite out of its profits. Your insurer has a legal duty to pay your valid claim, and you have a right to the benefits for which you have contracted.

Specialized Legal Advocacy for Your Long Term Disability or Other Insurance Claim
The attorneys at the Atlanta law firm of Evans, Scholz, Williams & Warncke, LLP, are committed to seeing that insurance companies play fairly and live up to their contractual obligations. We will ensure that the claim investigation is handled promptly and fairly, giving you and your doctors the benefit of the doubt. When insurance companies refuse to pay valid claims, having expert legal representation can make all the difference. Our job is to get you the insurance benefits that will help lessen the financial impact of a serious illness, injury, or disabling condition.

Personalized Attention to Your Case to Meet Your Needs and Achieve Your Goals
We are selective in the cases we accept. By limiting the number of clients we serve, we are able to give each client the focused, personal attention of a senior attorney. We like getting to know our clients as people. Having a senior attorney in your corner dramatically improves the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Our intensive knowledge of the history, tactics, and culture of the insurance industry and its major players is something that we have worked hard to obtain over many years. We not only know insurance law, we have helped create insurance law helpful to consumers and holding insurance companies accountable. If we agree to take your case, we are making a commitment to invest the time, labor, and resources necessary to get your claim paid,. The Atlanta disability law firm of Evans, Scholz, Williams & Warncke is the number one choice when you are fighting a large insurance company.

Get Help Now
The sooner you call us, the better. As soon as you realize that your disability has made it impossible to keep working, you should can call us for advice on how to make your application for benefits successful. If your insurance company has denied your claim, call us immediately for a free telephone interview to learn how we can help - the deadlines for taking action on a denial are much shorter than people realize. If you’ve already been denied, have us examine your file for completeness, represent you in your administrative appeal, or, if necessary, file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Strict deadlines apply, so call us today to avoid losing your right to fight for your benefits.


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