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So visit your dentist or seek emergency dental care if you’re dealing with symptoms such as:
Swelling in your mouth or jaw. You may notice swelling for several reasons, ranging from inflamed lymph nodes to cancer. Visit your dentist immediately if your mouth, gums or jaw start to swell.

Bleeding gums. Occasionally, you may notice some minor bleeding when flossing. It’s usually caused by early gum disease or the build-up of plaque. That’s not serious, as long as you mention it to your dentist at your next scheduled appointment. But if the bleeding doesn’t stop and you also have pain or swelling, see your Albany-area dentist immediately.

Unexplained tooth pain. Any pain that doesn’t have a clear causality needs a professional diagnosis. Maybe you bit down hard enough on something to crack your tooth. Or perhaps it’s a sign of a more serious condition, like an infection. You can’t know what it is until you go to a dentist for a thorough examination.

Exposed nerves. Like the pain from an abscessed tooth, the pain of an exposed nerve is extreme. And if your pain stops suddenly, it’s not a good sign because it means the nerve is so damaged that you can’t feel the pain anymore.

Missing filling or crown. If a crown falls out, you usually feel it right away. Fillings fall out more frequently than you imagine. If you’re experiencing a metallic taste in your mouth, that’s an indicator that your filling is loose or nearly gone. Ignoring the pain can lead to urgent dental care in the form of a root canal.


Just got my new dental bridge today and whoa!! Phenomenal services got from Emergency Dentist Watervliet!!! They are the best in every way. My time with them was great. Thanks a lot!
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