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If you are one of the few that has invested online, paid off any fees, and has been a victim of scam/fraud, you are in the right page! For everyone else this website offers you educational materials to educate you about your rights as a consumer and help you become aware of current laws that governs such cases. If you have the complete details of the entity you are dealing with, this will make the process easier and faster. If not, we offer tools to help you track the scammer.
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Last year Nov.2020 I got a call from a sales person at Eason Consulting. I was told I could try this home based business and if after 3 months I did not make any money I could get a refund. I told him I was a 74 yr old Sr. Citizen and was not so computer savvy. He told me I would be given a personal trainer who would help me. I bought the package but never got any help. The first trainer I was assigned to said that he did not work with the package I paid for. He was introducing some other business that I would need to invest at least $5000 in something called bit coin. I complained to Eason and was given another who said he did not do that which I was asking him about. He said that was Eason's customer service job. The customer service rep who sent me to these trainers said she would then be my trainer. She sent me a zoom link to listen to. I could not understand most of it. In the meantime I was given a domain name that I would need to shop from, or I could give to my friends and relatives. It was Christmas season and everyone was shopping so I gave it to them. They tried to but it was useless. The few stores I was given were not popular stores though the sales person promised I would get stores like Walmart, Lowes, etc. Moreover, in order to save you have to buy e-vouchers from the stores. Another way to save is through "My Cash Back World". I tried ordering items from the different stores but in order to save you have to buy a minimum of $100.00. By now I was frustrated and requested a refund. I was given the run around so I sent a complaint to the AZ Attorney General's office. The Rep who was supposed to process me my refund called me and and said she was going to email me a letter addressed to the AZ Atty Gen office, stating that I was dropping the complaint against them. She said if I didn't sign that letter she would not process the refund. I did and returned it to her and a copy to AZ Atty. Gen. office., both by certified mail. About a week after it showed that Eason had received the letter, I called several times and each time i was told that the woman to process the refund was not there. Several weeks passed and no one contacted me. So I reopened my complaint with the AZ A.G's office. Several days later I called Eason again and asked to speak to the woman who was supposed to process my refund. The rep told me she was not there. However, when I told the rep that I reopened the case with the AZ A.G's office, she told me to hold on, and all of a sudden the woman I was told not there, and was trying to get for weeks, surprised me as she jumped on the phone and in such anger she said, "well, since you reopened the complaint with the AZ A.G's office you are not going to get one cent back!" SLAM the phone down in my ears. That was from 6/30/21 and since then, neither she nor anyone else from Eason ever contact me again. They closed my Domain name shopping sight down that I paid them for and denied me access to it even though they still keep my money. Eason Consulting is a fraud. Stay away from them and keep your money in your pocket. I am now considering legal action. Lucille McIntosh
9/22/2021 1:19:03 AM Report