Earthworks Engineering Group, LLC

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314 El Pueblo Road NW
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
NM 87114

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Geotechnical Engineering, Distress/Damage Investigations, Construction Inspections and Materials Testing, and more.

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% < 200 Sieve, (ASTM C-29), (ASTM C-617, C-34), (ASTM C-78), (ASTM D-2166), (ASTM D-2216, (ASTM D-2435, (ASTM D-422), (Made by Others), Aggregate, Asphalt, Asphalt Mix Design, Asphalt section design, ASTM phase 1 environmental site assessments, Atterberg Limits, Briquette, Clay Lumps and Friable Particles in Aggregates (ASTM C-142), Coarse (3”-4”), Coarse (ASTM C-147), Concrete, Concrete and Asphalt Coring, Concrete Core Compressive Strength, Concrete materials testing, Concrete section design, Construction Supervision, Cores, CTB (1 set of 3), Cylinder Compressive Strength, Distress Evaluations, Earthwork certification, Engineering, Environmental assessment, Evaluations, Extraction of Asphaltic Cement, Extraction, Gradation, 1 Set of 3 Marshals with Maximum Theoretical, Field Sampling and on-site Density Tests, Field Sampling of Fresh Concrete for Slump, Air, and Molding Cylinders, Fine (#4-#200), Fine (ASTM C-148), Flexural Strength of Concrete, Fractured Face Count and Gradation of Coarse Aggregate 3”-4”, Fractured Face Count of Course Aggregate Unit Weight and Strength of CTB Series Complete, Geotechnical engineering, Geotechnical investigations, Gradation of Extracted Aggregate, Grout Cores, Grout Coring, Grout Prisms, Gunite Cylinder Compressive Strength, Hydrometer, Immersion—Compression of Asphaltic Material for Lab Services, lean fill briquette @ 10 feet, Length and Density of Asphalt Core Specimens, Marshall Testing of 1 Set of 3 Specimens, Materials testing, MATERIALS TESTING:, Maximum Theoretical Density (Rice), Mechanical (Sieve) Analysis, Modified Proctor with Gradation and PI, Motor Cubes, Natural Moisture Content, One Dimensional Consolidation, Pavement section design, Percolation Testing, Permeability (ASTM D-2434), Pinhole Dispersivity, Proctor-Modified (ASTM D-1557), Relative Density (ASTM D-2049), Remolded, Rip-Rap Gradation, Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregate (ASTM D-2419), Septic site evaluations, Shrinkage Test, Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates (ASTM C-136), Soil Cement Compressive Strength, Soil Cement Unit Weight, Gradation, and Moisture, Soil Compaction, Soil compaction testing, Soil related destress evaluations, Soils testing, Specific Gravity (ASTM D-854), Specific Gravity and Absorption, Standard (ASTM D-698), Standard Proctor with Gradation and PI, Swell Consolidation, Triaxial Shear CU with Pore Pressure, Unconfined Compression, Undisturbed, Unit Weight and Voids in Aggregate
ASCE member, Atterbberg limits, CU testing, Cylinder strength, Grade 1 ACI Concrete testing, Grout strength, Habitat for humanity sponsor, Moisture content, NAHB/NMHB member, NMEHD Nuclear densometer operations certification, NMEHD Radiation safety officer, Proctors modified, Proctors standard, Service Options: Consultations, Sieve analysis, Soils suctions, Swell consolidation, Triaxial shear
ACI concrete testing, Asphalt, Boring, Bridges, Commercial buildings, Comprehensive investigations, Concrete, Concrete roads, Dams, Drilling, Forensic investigations, Foundation distress, Industrial buildings, Laboratory analysis, Opinion letter, Residential construction, Retaining walls, Soil distress
Payment Accepted
Check, Invoice, American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa, Invoice, American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa
Bonded, Certified, Insured, Licensed, Locally Owned, References Available, Registered
Analysis, Consulting, Design, Engineering Research, Project Management, Testing
Construction Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Soil Compaction
[email protected]
Geology, Soil
Bbb Accredited Business Since
Nov 10, 2005
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