DreamMason Inc.

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3842 Jewell Street
Pacific Beach
San Diego 92109
United States
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Alex grew up in Los Angeles with his younger brother and two loving, committed, and involved parents. While he was fortunate to be raised with financial stability and had many of life's comforts, his life wasn't easy. Some of Alex's earliest memories involve struggling with a sense of being different and not being smart enough. As a child Alex was diagnosed with an eye muscle weakness that made reading and learning extremely difficult. Through daily exercises led by his mother, he was able to overcome this challenge, yet soon was diagnosed with some learning disabilities as well. While social activities and sports were areas in which he excelled, learning and school presented challenges. These challenges created opportunities for him to learn how to operate within systems, create parallel paths, use language to get the things he needed, and find alternate ways in which to succeed; however, deep down Alex also struggled with a powerful belief that he wasn't good enough.

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