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Company description

Desert Swarm Bee Removal LLC is a locally owned and managed small business providing a number of bee removal services to the Tucson metropolitan area and throughout southern Arizona including home owners and business owners in Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Vail, Tubac, Rio Rico and more. We will travel as far as needed to solve your bee problem.

In 2014, almost all of the feral (wild) bees in southern Arizona are Africanized and can be extremely dangerous. Desert Swarm's professional services include live bee removals, wasp removal, honeycomb removal, bee proofing, bee tracking, and bee trapping.

Bee Removal and Wasp Removal

Desert Swarm Bee Removal LLC specializes in live bee removals. If we can remove a bee swarm live, we will do it every time because we are also beekeepers. If you have a bee swarm in your house or office, in a tree, in your chimney, on your car, or even in your BBQ pit, please call Desert Swarm for live removal services. We also provide wasp removal services. We specialize in Bee removal in Tucson! As natives we know the lay of the land!

Honeycomb Removal and Repair

When you notice bees flying around your roof, your stucco wall, under your shed, or in another enclosed area of your home or office, you may have a bee infestation. Desert Swarm will inspect the area and diagnose the situation. If it is an established hive, we will gain access to the colony, remove the bees, honeycomb, brood, and honey from the area. This is important as the area is loaded with bee pheromones which will continue to attract bees if not treated properly. Removing the hive may require minor repairs to your roof, sheetrock, or siding. If possible, Desert Swarm will repair the area used to gain access to the bee colony using the original material.

Live Trapping and Tracking

Reduce your liability and the chance of bees moving into your place of business, apartment complex, home, or other high traffic areas. Desert Swarm offers comprehensive trapping services which includes a site inspection and evaluation to determine if trapping may be an effective solution. Reduce your liability and your risk for a more serious bee investation by signing up for a trapping service with Desert Swarm.

Are you tired of bees around your pool or in your yard? Desert Swarm offers tracking services to determine the bee source and eliminate the nuisance allowing you to enjoy your backyard or pool.

Bee Proofing

Desert Swarm provides services that will "bee proof" your home or office. This service is useful if you have a history of bee colonies, have an older home, or if for some reason bees are just attracted to your area. If bees are scouting out your home to move into, this service will result in the bees not finding a cavity of their liking, and they will want to relocate somewhere else.

We specialize in live removals because we are local beekeepers in southern Arizona. We also offer 24 hour emergency and after hours services 7 days a week.

Do you think you have a bee problem or infestation of bees in your home or business? Are you a place of business that seems to have bees year after year and are concerned about the safety of your patrons or residents? Would you prefer your bees removed alive, if possible?

Worry no further. This is what we do.

About the Owner

Tucson residents, Greg and Allison Williams, are owners and operators of Desert Swarm Bee Removal LLC. Greg holds a Masters of Science degree in Wildlife Biology which gives him a unique perspective on the world of bees. Allison holds a Masters of Science degree in the environmental science field of study. Together, Greg and Allison offer a broad range of experience and expertise that serves to support the quality services of Desert Swarm Bee Removal LLC.

We are proud small business owners which results in service you can only get when someone knows their reputation is on the line and who will stand by their work. We take serious pride in our work and educating the public on bees and their behavior and habits.


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