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Mary Swift, DDS, Melisa Christian DDS, and the entire staff at Dallas Laser Dentistry are committed to educating consumers about their dental choices, and providing patients with a beautiful customized solution to their dental needs and desires. To do this, we've created a pleasant pampering environment dramatically different from most dental offices you've visited, utilizing the latest technology and a warm friendly atmosphere that will reduce your stress and will forever change your expectations of dental care. Once you're here, we'll carefully listen to understand your needs, desires, and concerns. Following diagnosis, we'll educate you about your options, develop a specific treatment plan, and then make you proud to smile!

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Dallas Dentist - Dallas Laser Dentistry Can Help! Do You Need To Find A Dallas Dentist To Repair Your Teeth? Are You In Pain And Need Relief Now? Or Do You Simply Want To Maintain A Healthy Smile? Dallas dentists vary significantly in their experience, the materials they use, the services they provide, and how they treat their patients. We know you have a choice when selecting a Dallas dentist. As a result, we do everything we can to make this a most pleasant experience. - To better serve you, we’ve created a pleasant pampering environment dramatically different from most dental offices you’ve visited, utilizing the latest technology and a warm friendly atmosphere that will reduce your stress and will forever change your expectations for care from Dallas dentists. Each operatory has a view from eight stories high of North Dallas. Massage pads in each chair, eclectic music, and educational videos make the time pass comfortably. Our dentists, hygienists, and assistants have been carefully chosen not only for their professional skills, but also for their ability to put patients first and at ease. Once you’re here, we’ll listen carefully to understand your needs, desires, and concerns. Following diagnosis, we’ll educate you about your options, develop a specific treatment plan, and then make you proud to smile! - Hot moist towels and a “thank you” gift round out each treatment session. Plus, our front office staff help you get the most out of your dental plan, or can arrange third party financing should you so choose. - Contact us to schedule an appointment right now! - Dallas Dental Services - Dallas Laser Dentistry offers a complete array of general dentistry services, including complete diagnostic and preventive hygiene services, white fillings, porcelain crowns & bridges, laser periodontal treatment, dentures, and root canal treatments, to mention a few. Dr. Swift is also one of the few Dallas dentists trained in the therapeutic use of BOTOX® to treat headache pain and other symptoms of TMJ. Learn more about BOTOX® and TMJ therapy, as well as some of our other general dentistry procedures below: - Initial Visit & Professional Hygiene Optimizing and maintaining your oral health, the foundation for your smile, is very important. If you're not in pain, your initial visit will consist of: - New patient & HIPAA forms (these forms can be completed on-line in advance if you so choose) - Digital X-rays, Diagnodent™ laser diagnosis, and intraoral camera images - Comprehensive Evaluation and Periodontal diagnosis - Oral Cancer exam - Tooth Cleaning and Polishing, or debridement if necessary to diagnose if periodontal disease is present Six month follow-up visits are scheduled to maintain your oral health if no periodontal disease is apparent. - We Can Help You Get Out of Pain Now! - Ever wonder what causes tooth pain? Usually it is tooth decay becoming severe enough to reach the nerve inside the tooth. As the nerve becomes infected pain and sensitivity to heat/cold and pressure can occur sporadically. Over time pain occurs more frequently and intensifies. That’s usually when we get the “emergency call”! We use digital X-rays and a diagnostic laser cavity finder called a Diagnodent™ to find decay before it reaches the nerve, and will repair it with a white filling. Extensive decay can weaken tooth structure so much it requires we repair it with a crown. Plus, if the nerve is reached a root canal is first done, before a crown is placed. Sometimes a tooth is so damaged it must be pulled. When that happens it’s important to immediately replace it with a bridge or implant, or your remaining teeth can shift out of alignment, causing pain and other problems. - We Help You Regain & Maintain Your Oral Health - Do your gums bleed when you brush? Do you have bad breath? If so, you likely have periodontal disease -- gingivitis or worse, periodontitis. Untreated periodontal disease causes tooth loss, and the bacteria associated with periodontitis has been linked to heart disease, blood clots, stroke, and buildup of plaque in the circulatory system. Our hygienists will chart the current condition of your gums, and the doctor will complete a complete Periodontal Evaluation and plan a course of treatment. Periodontal disease treatment will include ultrasonic scaling and root planing to remove gross infection. At the same visit laser therapy may be performed to remove dead tissues, sterilize the pockets of infection, and speed healing. Periodic visits for periodontal maintenance are scheduled, at which time antibiotics such as Arestin may used to control and eliminate any recurrent localized infection. - The doctor will also perform an oral cancer exam annually. Oral cancer occurs as frequently as cervical cancer, yet while women usually get their annual PAP smears done they often neglect an annual oral cancer exam. Ironically, the mortality rate for cervical cancer is only 3-4%, while oral cancer mortality is 30%, so the risks are much more severe if you wait too long. Tobacco product users have a very high probability of incurring oral cancer versus non-users. Male or female, we strongly encourage you to be examined annually – somewhere, if not with us! - To schedule an appointment for an oral cancer exam and periodontal evaluation, contact us now. - BOTOX® – TMJ Treatment That Works! - Dallas dentist Dr. Mary Swift Uses BOTOX® Therapeutic To Treat TMJ Headache Pain. The most promising and exciting new addition to the dental arsenal against TMJ is having BOTOX® injected into the painful muscles. One single session of injections is curative for 2/3 of the patients.* Now there is no need to waste money on TMJ splints or night guards that most patients quickly stop wearing. Instead, you may get relief from TMJ clenching, grinding, and headache pain within a week with therapeutic BOTOX® injections from Dr. Mary Swift at Dallas Laser Dentistry. Dr. Swift has been trained in the therapeutic use of BOTOX® for headache pain and other TMJ symptoms by Andy Blumenfeld, M.D. Dr. Blumenfeld is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he completed both a neurology residency and a neurodiagnostics fellowship. With over 10 years' experience in the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A, Dr. Blumenfeld is an internationally recognized authority on the utilization of Botulinum Toxin Type A for the treatment of headache and has significant experience as a researcher, speaker and national injector trainer. He was Chief of Service for the Department of Neurology at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, and is currently Director of The Headache Center of Southern California. Dr. Blumenfeld is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. - Benefits of BOTOX® for Dallas TMJ Patients - The most common benefit of BOTOX® is the reduction in the number of clenching events and their intensity. This will reduce the destruction of your teeth, gums and jaw joint, and reduce the discomfort and pain in your face and chewing muscles. A beneficial side-effect is the smoothing of lines between the brows and in the forehead. Since the muscles are unable to contract, BOTOX® may actually prevent new wrinkles from forming. Other benefits are that only the injected areas are affected and results are often seen within 24 – 48 hours. Another possible benefit is that the botulinum toxin does not stay in the body indefinitely, so if there is an adverse effect it is only temporary. There is also the likely possibility that with frequent treatments, the injected muscles will atrophy allowing the patient to go longer and longer between treatments. - *TMJ and BOTOX® -- A More Predictable Approach - Temporomandibular disorders often impair the quality of life of affected individuals. TMJ causes patient suffering and may "devastate its victim". In advanced stages, the condition might be accompanied by tooth sensitivity, abrasion, fractures, mobility or loss, dental caries, alveolar bone loss, headaches, earaches, hearing loss, and adverse irreversible effects on dental implants and aesthetic restorations. - As we entered the 21st century, dental experts were still searching for a non-aggressive preventative treatment for TMJ and bruxism (grinding of teeth). Dr. Gordon Christensen states in an interview published in 'Dentistry Today' that “occlusion remains the major untreated disease in dentistry.” Occlusal disease affects at least one-third of the population, and the longer it goes untreated, the worse it gets. Thus, by 40 or 50 years of age, most have worn their teeth to the degree that extensive and costly tooth restorations must be performed. The American Dental Association has attempted to strongly encourage the profession to be more aware of TMJ and to find a solution for TMJ and bruxism. - For almost a century dentists have relied on splint therapy for TMJ and bruxism. Splints have the ability to align the jaws to each other and to protect the teeth. Much current research on the treatment of TMJ has been centered on the use of such dental appliances. Though covering or separating the teeth may be effective to prevent wearing away of teeth caused by bruxism, this treatment is often not effective for preventing and eliminating other symptoms of TMJ. Most splints are largely ineffective in treating TMJ. - Ice and heat therapies are used to reduce the jaw pain and muscle tension. Application of moist warm towels directly to the jaw joints (5-15 minutes), followed by cold or ice applications (a few minutes), and then repeating this combination 2-5 times per day is sometimes helpful in the short term. Wrapping the jaw in a hot moist towel and exercising it through a range of motion has been recommended. These jaw exercises may complement other approaches, but are not effective on their own. - Pain from TMJ has been related to depression or other emotional problems. Drugs are often prescribed for the stress and the brain malfunction etiological theories of TMJ. These include anti-anxiety agents, muscle relaxants, and other drugs. They are of limited value in the treatment of the great majority of chronic TMJ patients, and they often have untoward side effects. Commonly used antidepressants including Prozac®, Paxil® and Zoloft® may actually cause bruxism (tooth grinding) and associated headaches. Sufferers usually awaken in the morning with the headache and frequently have an accompanying sleep disorder. There are some schools of thought that TMJ is a response to incorrect mandibular posture. However, the majority of practitioners agree that "occlusal equilibration is costly and relatively ineffective". - The most promising and exciting new addition to the dentists’ arsenal against TMJ is having Botulinum Toxin A (BOTOX®) injected into the painful muscles. A group of 46 patients with TMJ were measured for subjective and objective responses to treatment with botulinum toxin A (BTX-A). BTX-A injections produced significant improvements in pain, function, mouth opening, and tenderness. Many other studies have demonstrated similar benefits to TMJ patients. Botulinum toxin paralyzes or weakens the injected muscle but leaves the other muscles unaffected. The injections "block extra contraction [of the muscle] but leave enough strength for normal use," says Barbara Karp, M.D., deputy clinical director of the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. “Intra muscular injections of botulinum toxin re-establish the balance between masticatory closing and opening muscles. This relieves muscle pain, reverses masseteric hypertrophy with improvement of the face outline and restores normal kinetics of temporo-mandibular joints. Moreover, botulinum toxin injections eliminates habits of tooth grinding and clenching, and the consequences hereof. One single session of BOTOX® injections is curative for 2/3 of the patients. Injections of botulinum toxin are an efficient treatment of bruxism and TMJ dysfunction, cheap with no lasting side effect.” Local site-of-injection side effects from BOTOX® injections are rare, assuming proper technique is used. - BOTOX® has "an amazing safety record," says Bill Habig, Ph.D., the recently retired deputy director of FDA's division of bacterial products in the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. "Considering it's one of the most toxic materials known and there was a lot of concern about it, it's turned out to be very safe," he says. In 2003, less than two years after it was approved by the FDA for wrinkles, the US consumer spent more than $875MM dollars on BOTOX® injections. This is to treat a condition that does not affect ones comfort or health. Many dental patients who are already being treated with BOTOX® for wrinkles could be cured of their dentally related diseases with a slight modification in injection protocol. - BOTOX®’s time to enter the field of dentistry has arrived. Despite the expense not being covered by insurance, we have found many patients will invest in BOTOX® treatment for TMJ, especially when it will make them feel better and look better. - What can I expect at the initial consultation? - At the initial consultation Dr. Swift will first determine if you are an appropriate candidate (see ideal candidate) for Botox® and if indeed it is the best treatment for the results you desire. You should also discuss your medical history with the doctor. She will assess if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any ingredient in Botox®. Furthermore, it is imperative that you disclose all medications, vitamins, herbs, and supplements you currently take. These substances could hinder or intensify the potency of the Botox® or cause bleeding and bruising at the injection sites. - Botox® Injection - The Procedure - Botox® is a simple, non-surgical procedure. Dr. Swift will have you contract the muscle area to be treated so she can determine appropriate injection sites. Then targeted injected areas may be numbed with an ice pack or a topical numbing agent. Anesthesia may or may not be used. Finally, the doctor will administer several tiny injections of Botox® directly into the muscle. Only the injected areas will be “paralyzed.” It will not affect anywhere else in your body. - How long is the procedure? - The length of the procedure depends on the number of injections needed as determined by the doctor. Still, it is reasonable for the procedure to be completed within 10-30 minutes. - What, if any, hospital stay is required? - Because the procedure is non-surgical and done in the office, there is no hospital stay required. - Will I need a driver? - No. Botox® will not limit your driving ability. - How much pain is there? - The pain associated with this procedure is due to the injections, but it is generally minimal and brief. Some patients have likened it unto a “bug bite” or “prick”. Pain can be reduced by numbing proposed injection sites with a cold pack or anesthetic cream. If you are scared of needles the doctor may offer you Happy Gas. - What can I expect afterwards? - Muscle tenderness will start to disappear almost immediately. Wrinkles begin to disappear within 24 – 48 hours after the injections, and you may continue to see the wrinkles diminish up to one week after the procedure. There may be mild temporary bruising, numbness, or redness around the injection sites. You will not look 20 years younger, but you may find that you look more natural and relaxed or less sad and angry. A small number of patients reported no noticeable difference in the reduction of their wrinkles. - What is the recovery like? - Because the procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, it is highly likely that the patient can return to normal activities immediately. However, to avoid spreading the toxin to other muscles, patients should not rub or massage the area injected and remain upright for many hours. Physical activity should also be limited for a time. -
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