Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant

29 reviews


5511 North Figueroa Street
Los Angeles
CA 90042


10am – 9pm
10am – 9pm
10am – 9pm
10am – 9pm
9am – 9pm
9am – 9pm

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Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant was opened in 2006 and has since become a haven for Eastside Angelinos seeking full-flavored Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine. You'll find our menu extensive and eclectic.

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Payment Accepted
Check, American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Services Provided
Free Wireless Internet|Juice Bar|Cocktails|Soups|Sandwiches|Hamburguers|Hot plates
Casual, Elegant, Family Friendly, Fun, Romantic
All Ages, Online Menu, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Vegetarian, Californian, Latin American
73% of 19 people liked it on Urbanspoon
wheelchair access, Takeout/Carryout
Meals Served
Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Languages Spoken
English and Spanish
Dress Code
Jeans and T-shirt
Atmosphere And Personality
Laid Back Casual
Price Range
$$ ($9-$15)
Cross Streets
Avenue 55
Noise Level
$0 - $10
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You expect me to introduce your restaurant to everyone! Last Sunday, I tried to come here, and I was so happy with what I saw. I was so thankful to your staves for being so friendly and courteous. I like your dishes because it was all tasty and mouthwatering. You keep it up, guys! You are strongly recommended to everyone!
4/12/2021 8:15:02 PM Report

This was my first time in this restaurant and I would say it was the best. The atmosphere was fun and relaxing. Service was adorable, and the waiter suggested his favorites which didn’t disappoint at all. They have high-quality food and drinks. And also, the servers explained each dish they brought out and it all tasted amazing. Highly recommended!
2/5/2021 3:53:00 PM Report

We placed an order here an hour ago but it was ready, super-fast, and was really solid! The interior looks very cool when I went to pick up though. So, next time I definitely want to try something that I haven't tested yet. We supposed to have a classic sesame chicken, but my mom insisted to have the one that we already ordered. We will have classic sesame chicken next time around. Highly recommended place.
2/5/2021 2:44:12 PM Report

We really enjoyed our lunch at this restaurant. We're going home really happy and whole. All the food tastes so sweet. We were hoping to be back here with the others. I love the place, the people, the service.
1/25/2021 3:05:34 PM Report

In this restaurant, the food and price were great! Also, I love the foods as well as the salads that I ordered. The waiter was very friendly, professional, and pleasant to me. I was truly entertained by his communicative skills. Besides, the entire restaurant was clean, comfortable, and stylish. I love this place so much! Thank you!
1/7/2021 4:25:23 PM Report

The food and service are excellent! The ambiance was very soothing and amazing to the guests. I love that every bit of food served on the table is delicious, even the way food is presented, you can tell that it was carefully curated. This is one of the best restaurants that I have gone to. I also liked their dessert section, so many desserts to choose from, they have cakes, pastries, ice cream and many more.
1/7/2021 4:09:15 PM Report

Very affordable and tasty Japanese foods are available in this restaurant! When I ate the food, I felt like I was in Japan. I didn't regret my decision to have my dinner in this restaurant. The prices were so friendly to the pocket. I will surely invite my cousins to eat here. You keep on servicing what is best for your customers!
1/7/2021 2:58:37 PM Report

Loved this place. From start to finish, this was a great experience. The staff were friendly and really helpful without being at all intrusive. The food was simple but tasted great.
1/7/2021 1:26:19 PM Report

This restaurant is outstanding! I was really glad that I went here to celebrate my 21st birthday. The place looked so romantic and just so perfect. The staff also gave me a really great and extra-special service. All of the staff sang me a happy birthday, which I really appreciated so much. Thanks to everyone here! It was indeed the best birthday celebration of mine. Thank you very much!
11/18/2020 2:19:33 PM Report

What a nice restaurant in the town! The most important element of your restaurant is its food. This is the reason why I adore this place. When I eat food prepared by the chef of this restaurant, it seems that I’m in Italy and eat their national food. I really love visiting this place. I will always be loyal to your service, guys. Keep up the nice work
11/20/2020 2:36:55 PM Report

You are strongly recommended! Just a week ago, I tried to order your bestseller dishes here in your wonderful restaurant. I was so grateful to experience your service and food. I was so thankful to your waitress for serving my order immediately. You are the best among the rest, guys! Cheers for more customers!
11/18/2020 2:34:51 PM Report

Thank you so much to all of you! Really diverse, fresh, and delicious foods! I had no complaints about any of the foods they served me. this restaurant's service was really great too. Their staff was very respectful, friendly and helpful in identifying what was what. Trust me! You will never be disappointed for sure! Kudos.
11/17/2020 7:57:46 PM Report

Impressive restaurant, incredibly tasty and well worth the cost! Their staff accommodates my inquiries and managed to provide me everything I want to have. They never fail me on my high expectations. The quality of service they provided was amazing! I would definitely recommend and refer your services to everyone without any hesitation.
11/17/2020 5:25:25 PM Report

One of the best restaurants I've had here in my area! No long wait for the ordered foods to arrive. Everything I ordered tasted good and incredible compared to other restaurants I've been to before. I honestly love to eat with this kind of restaurant again and again for sure. Thumbs up! I will tell all of my co-workers about them for sure.
10/16/2020 4:43:33 PM Report

This was the first time I visited this Restaurant, and I am very happy that I came here. All of my favorite foods were right here. They served it professionally and on time without any delays at all. I deeply admired this Restaurant's assistance. Their wonderful and affordable service was strongly recommended! Terrific!
10/15/2020 4:02:12 PM Report

I really like to visit your restaurant again and again! The atmosphere was not the only thing that I like in this restaurant, I also like the service. The waiters are very nice and do everything possible to satisfy their clients. The place was also very clean and organized. I decided to endorse your Restaurant to all the people I know!
10/15/2020 3:20:10 PM Report

I love this place. Vegan food all over the place! Vegan cheese. I want this place to be successful.Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant is one of those gems that you stumble upon when you're in a strange neighborhood and use Yelp to help you find lunch.
9/4/2020 11:09:39 AM Report

I enjoyed a beautiful evening meal. It was a nice experience for me for the first time. This restaurant was my all-time favorite forever. They strive to provide us the best foods and service that exceeds our expectations. Thank you so much to all of you! Perfect!
7/7/2020 11:01:23 AM Report

I would recommend this place! They have super friendly and professional barbers! My husband got a hair cut and a beard trim here. It was all well done by John the best barber we chose. He felt so handsome after the cut.We would definitely choose this barbershop again in the future due to their excellent service.
7/1/2020 1:19:29 PM Report

A very nice restaurant in the area! I love their atmosphere and the decorations inside. They had colorful high-chairs and wonderful handwritings on the chalkboard where their menu was handwritten. Their staves were also very cleaned and organized. I was very satisfied with the service, so I decided to make a review for you!
7/1/2020 10:36:57 AM Report

Yesterday, we went to this Mexican restaurant, and it was fascinating on my behalf. They got plenty of delicious foods and beverages. It was my first time tasting their cuisine, yet it was never a doubt that I happened to taste everything they served in my table. I was astonished by the smiling faces of their waiter and waitress. Perhaps, I would recommend this prestigious restaurant to my friends and workmates. My hands up with their excellence and decency.
7/1/2020 10:28:50 AM Report

What a wonderful experience in this restaurant. Filled with a staff who cares so much about ensuring your time is one of a kind and memorable. I was also amazed when I went here because all of their foods are affordable and very tasty. I couldn't thank you enough for the job well done! Until next time! Highly recommended restaurant!
7/1/2020 10:27:18 AM Report

My family and I went to this Korean restaurant last Monday, and honestly, we have a great day. The foods and drinks were all delicious and OK. Also, the waiters/waitresses that were working were very friendly, entertaining, and nice. Even their place was a good choice to visit, for it was clean, stylish, and refreshing. At the end of our visit to your restaurant, we came to realize that we will be back. Thanks!
6/30/2020 3:33:06 PM Report

Looking for an authentic and great restaurant. Finally, I was able to find this restaurant. Their food was very good, the vibe of the restaurant was fun and lively. I truly enjoyed the amazing foods they served. I will definitely be going to save this restaurant's contact number for future reservations. They deserve great ratings!
6/26/2020 3:24:05 PM Report

Beautiful place! Been there twice and had the same treatment as before. They are consistently accommodating and helpful. They have excellent service, great food, and beautiful decor. This place was so beautiful and it's very romantic. It can accommodate anything from a romantic dinner to a business meeting or a night out with a big group. Highly recommended!
6/26/2020 1:44:24 PM Report

They always serve great food! It is so good and fresh! Plus, the chef does not mind preparing my food the way I want it. Also, they have an extensive menu. They even offer daily specials which include a lot concerning food. My favorite dish is orange chicken and Mongolian chicken. They even offer many vegetarian dishes here. So, don't just wish to taste it. Come and try!
6/26/2020 12:34:05 PM Report

The place is cozy, they made a very good meat. It's perfect for a dinner with friends. You can eat a lot with the right price.
6/25/2020 1:52:19 AM Report

This restaurant was truly the best! The foods and drinks were quite yummy and OK. Besides, I should be honest that I greatly enjoyed my visit to your restaurant. It was satisfying and worth it. Even the waiters/waitresses that were working there were all respectful, nice, and accommodating. The place was also very captivating, for it was clean, comfortable, and big. I will surely bring my friends next time here. Thank you!
5/14/2020 5:57:11 AM Report

This is a great restaurant with authentic food for a good price. I really enjoyed a variety of dishes on the menu and all was presented well. The serving is so fast so you don't have to wait for a long time. I really like the arrangement of their tables and chairs, very organized and well-planned. Kudos to the owner and the management. Highly recommended!
5/6/2020 9:27:27 AM Report