Chateau Recovery

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375 Rainbow Ln
Midway 84049
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We believe that the journey of individual recovery and whole health is a personal choice and has many paths. We know hope, motivation and solutions become more clear when individuals and families experience safety, acceptance, and realign themselves with their values. We invite residents, families and communities to join us as we strive for personal and professional excellence in our quest for recovery, vitality and self-mastery.

Whole Health or Whole-person wellness embodies the belief that we are multidimensional beings with complex needs and values. Although individuals define and pursue their health and values differently, everyone can find physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual progression. We acknowledge that each dimension of wellness can bring connection, motivation, and hope outside of substance use.

We believe that proactive honesty, assertiveness, and courage when facing behavioral, emotional, and biological challenges are the best ways to empower individuals and find hope. Effective treatment is challenging and we anticipate struggles and setbacks in many of each person’s life. We are committed to refocusing treatment and program objectives to create support, understanding, and an effective intervention of individual no long need to live in fear but can pursue health and fulfillment.

When people see themselves and their choices accurately, they make better decisions. The Chateau does not try to force “one size fits all” thinking or encourage short-term problem solving. We support all of your clients as they take ownership for their personal path to health. Crafting that path means taking the best knowledge, experience, and support from many forms of recovery and healthy lifestyle practices. Individuals become more empowered, enjoy longer lasting motivation, and struggle less with loved ones when they everyone works together and honor that path.

Healthy living and connecting to relationships and reality is the opposite of addiction. Our program is highly individualized and choice-driven. We believe that all individuals are more than their social or medical labels. We work with clients to defy the influence of shame and fear that typically happens in the daily fight for health and connectedness. We help clients and family members become informed about addiction and support finding new ways to deal with urges, discouragement, challenging consequences, and complex mental health challenges.

We help clients to go beyond counting days and fearing relapse. We help clients and families work as a team to take charge of their recovery by focusing on values, anticipating struggles, and pro-actively improve the support system.

All residents who come to the program can decide how they want to create their path to recovery. Many individuals and families are familiar with and support the 12 Steps. We support and offer full access to that philosophy and social support groups. However, some individuals don’t wish to pursue that philosophy and want an alternative. To those individuals we offer curriculum and access to SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery is a choice and empowerment based recovery model. Similar to the 12 Steps, it’s an abstinence-focused approach, however, it uses evidence-based therapeutic skills along with group support to help great a more focused recovery experience. Many of its core concepts and values overlap with 12 Step objectives but there is less of an emphasis on powerlessness and spirituality. SMART Recovery course work focuses on building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts and feelings with better therapeutic skills, and creating a balance life.


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