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Company description

Cancer Horizons is patient-centric site that bridges the gap between "Research & Real People"

For too long there has been a "disconnect" between people living with cancer and the world of scientific advancement - pharmaceutical research, and one of the biggest barriers is language.

Much like the language of "Coding" or of the "Law", "Medicalese" is impenetrable to an outsider, and people with cancer have come believe they are being excluded from the conversation - kept from understanding new research and scientific development that directly affects their own mortality.

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Say for instance, someone offered you hope for your illness in German, but you don't speak German. What if all the literature about that illness was written in German and you couldn't read it... how would you feel?

Cancer Horizons is not here to takes sides but to encourage dialogue. We believe that it is neither the fault of the industry, nor of the patients; it is merely the language of that world which is to blame, a language which Cancer Horizons aims to decipher.

In addition to translating research and advancements into understandable terms, we realize that cancer patients and their families feel they are at the mercy of the pharmaceutical & medical industry; our aim is to give you a seat at the table and a voice that can be heard, but more importantly listened to. In the end even though you are a patient - you are a consumer and you have power personally and economically.

In coming months we will go live with a site that is specifically for people who have cancer and their families (in whatever form those families might take). We are creating a patient-centric hub for "the people" a place where information comes quick and flows free. Users will even have the ability to instantly translate the site into Spanish, Chinese, German, & French in an attempt to make it as inclusive as possible.

This will be a site for all forms of cancer.

To that end if you are someone who has the skills it takes to contribute to such an endeavor I encourage you to contact us here or via Facebook. We are seeking blogs, personal stories, and the like.

We are specifically looking for oncology nurses who would like to become regular contributors. A nurse (any kind of nurse) spends far more time with patients than doctors, and patients rely on nurses for information and human contact as much as they do for basic care. Oncology nurses are on the frontlines all the time and we know how essential you are to cancer patients. We also know how much the families of cancer patient depend on you, lean on you. We want to give you a voice.

Soap boxes, vitriol, and the like are not welcome here. We are seeking content that will bestow knowledge and help people who are suffering and struggling feel "un-alone" and give them strength to fight.

So, whatever forms of cancer you or your loved one is going through, if you feel like you can contribute information in a professional way that will benefit cancer patients and their families then we look forward to hearing from you. And please, let your circles of friends know that something is coming with the intention of changing the game.

All we ask is that you bear with us. Our lips to God's ears; we are working as hard as we can to launch.

We are making moves to change the game because the game needs changing. I encourage you to come along and change the cancer conversation with us, once and for all.


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