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Get DWP Sub Water Meters-Save Up to 80% from DWP sewer service charges. We get sub meter,permit and install. Stop your cash from going down the drain! Order Now

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Dear Homeowner: I would like to take this opportunity to introduce California Utility Services. We are a service business for LADWP account holders that does it all for you. Our primary objective is to educate the consumer with the knowledge and tools available to save money off their sewer service charge SSC portion of their water bill. This is an investment in your home and will make you money as long as you live there. On July 1, 1996, the City implemented a new Sewer Service Charge SSC system, known as the Winter Water Use (WWU) system, where by all residential customers pay sewer service charges based upon their lowest average daily water consumption to their premises during the preceding rainy season (approximately mid-October to end of April) further reduced by a factor to account for winter irrigation. The SSC rate of $3.27 per HCF is the cost the City incurs to treat one hundred cubic feet (HCF) of sewage. SEWER RATES ARE GOING UP. The current rate is $3.27 per HCF (748 gal = 1 HCF). Rate increases are now being considered for 2009 through 2013. An alternative approach to the WWU method is the Private Sub-Meter Program in accordance with Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC)Sec.64.41.03(g)3Aii. City Council has made this program available. The private sub-meter provides the best available data for the flow of domestic tributary water to the sewer. This alternative may be especially beneficial to customers unable to significantly reduce water use during the rainy season to lower their estimated sewer service charges. In layman terms, by attaching a sub-water meter to the domestic line before the pressure regulator, the actual water that goes into the house and down the drain will be metered and read by DWP. This water is not an estimated average use, is not the water used for landscape irrigation and is not the pool water that does not go down the drain it evaporates in the air. The DWP will read two meters. The main meter by the sidewalk for the high-pressure water used for landscape and pool and which is your first tier (water allocation based on zip code and size of lot) and second tier (water used over your allocation 1st tier) and the new sub-water meter for the house water that goes down the drain which is your actual sewer service charges. The savings on your Sewer Service Charge could be as high as 80%. Depending on your water use, this savings could pay for the meter, permit and installation within one year. Sincerely, Leonard Horowitz President
California Utility Services 1-800-400-1727 can get you a DWP Water Sub Meter. You can reduce your sewer service charges up to 80%. Stop your cash from going down the drain. We do it all for you. We get you a DWP water sub meter, LADBS permit, and install
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