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Codeine is a pain medication that contains opioid substances. It is a potent drug and only available through a prescription in the United States. It helps treat mild to moderately severe pain in adults.

Narcotic medications like Codeine can be habit-forming over prolonged use. Many people also abuse this medicine by taking more than the required quantity without consulting a doctor. Because of the possibility of misuse and addiction causing tendencies, this medicine is a controlled substance in the United States under the schedule II of the controlled substances act.

People wanting to buy Codeine online or form their local pharmacy require a doctor’s prescription, as it is dangerous to use without guidance from a medical professional.

Codeine works best to relieve mild to moderately severe pain. Doctors only recommend this drug for adults as children below the age of 18 can face more harmful effects than the benefit they might gain from this medicine.

It can also help reduce coughing when used in combination with other medications. It suppresses coughing by decreasing the activity in the part of the mind responsible for causing coughing.

Codeine blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain by affecting the brain chemicals responsible for carrying messages between neurons. Because of how it alters the brain’s functioning, doctors typically recommend not using it for extended periods.

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