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Company description

Boise Valley Tree Trimming master tree experts provide services throughout the Treasure Valley. We are the one-stop business for all tree services. We can assist you with tree removal, tree pruning, tree planting, and storm clean-up as well as helping you manage your trees and ornamental shrubs to ensure your landscaping looks fresh and healthy. We also offer emergency tree service for fallen limbs and other services that require immediate attention.

Located in Boise, Idaho our tree experts are familiar with the local trees and their specific needs. They are also used to dealing with the diverse weather conditions Boise can experience and the difficulties this presents for your trees. Removing a live and healthy tree is always the last option, but trees that are too close to other trees, structures or power lines usually need to be removed, consulting with Boise Valley Tree Trimming will help you give you informed advice with quotes for each option.

Living in the City of Trees, the people of Boise and the surrounding areas understand how important trees are to the quality of our lives. Trees provide shade, clean air and increase our property value along with adding visual appeal to our neighborhoods.

Tree pruning is necessary when there is weather or disease damage that can cause branches to fall or endanger the healthy portion of the tree. Pruning younger trees (3 or 4 years old) will ensure they have beautiful shape that maximizes their natural beauty as they grow. Planting trees require a lot more work than one might expect. The hole has to be twice the size of the root ball. Determination can help a home owner plant their own new saplings, but mature trees require specialized equipment available at Boise Valley Tree Trimming.

We also know the best combination of nutrients to help your trees adapt to their new environment. Mature trees require care also. Proper maintenance can prevent future problems and with the right knowledge, we can ensure our trees will stay healthy for years to come. Water in the morning.

Your trees can need up to 25 gallons of water per week, large trees can absorb up to 250 gallons of water day in hot weather. Use a slow-release watering system to ensure water soaks into the ground deeply. If limbs are weak or dead the wind or heavy snow can snap the limbs and drop them on structures.

Heavy rains and gale force winds can cause severe damage to trees. If your trees have suffered storm damage, you need to address the situation fast and protect your family, home and property. Every year, a significant number of trees fall on houses, automobiles, buildings and structures. It can be difficult and dangerous to remove tree limbs and clean up storm damage. Boise Valley Tree Trimming’s experts can complete any tree service safely and efficiently.

Our policy is to over deliver, so our customers are always happy with the results. Regardless of the job needed, we will give you an informed and reasonable quote. If necessary, we will come on location to provide ideas and advice.


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